April 1, 2005 12:15 am


:note: Opeth – “Dirge for November”

So, I’m feeling marginally better. I do mean marginally. I’m still really upset, but I guess this is a fresh beginning of sorts.

1. I’m going to be doing weekly backups of all my MySql databases from now on.
2. I might move my photography to nutmegg.com, but I’m still thinking on that one.
3. I’m going to try and figure out how the hell to get my old layout back. Until then, this one will have to suffice.
4. Is anybody but me seeing a weird “Warning: blah blah blah” error at the top of the page?
5. Is the commenting working still?

Feel free to, you know, shower me with pity gifts and stuff. :haha: Ahhh. That’s hilarious. I’m kidding of course.

This is my host’s response to my “Why is my site down?” email:

All of your website files, folders, etc. are still on the server, untouched. The problem is that Apache controls actual sites from the server being served to the web and Bind/Named controls the DNS for the server, making sure that domain names resolve properly back to the server. As both of these services are down, sites won’t come up. We are working on these problems right now and are attempting to resolve these issues ASAP.

You know, whatever that means. Either way, one would think expect (from this email) that it wouldn’t affect the MySql databases, but NOOOO. :grumbly: Of course it would wreck them. (I obviously get really really irritable when my site is dead.)

OOH I have just received another email:

[Name of my server] is now back up and online. We apologize for this downtime and any inconvenience caused due to the downtime. A site on this server was hacked due to an insecure guestbook and the time it took to get the server back up and
online was spent correcting all the errors resulting from this guestbook hack and making sure that no other guestbook vulnerabilities were present on the server. Please rest assured that all of your websites, files, e-mail, etc. have
not been touched and remain safe and secure.


That’s… that’s very funny. Rest assured I am laughing my ass off. “…have not been touched and are safe and secure.” I’m rolling on the ground with laughter, really I am. [/end sarcasm]

I honestly feel like I’ve lost a friend or something. I explained it to someone as having a real life diary that you write in, and having the housekeeper toss it in the fireplace inadvertently. The diary is still technically there, in the form of charred ashes, but you can’t get to it to read it and you certainly can’t write in it anymore. This whole record of my life is just gone.

If you notice ANYTHING out of the ordinary (especially on pages like the guestblock, the q&a form, or this journal), PLEASE comment, sign my guestblock, email me or use my contact form to tell me about it. It’ll help me out a lot.

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