April 1, 2005 10:45 pm

Moroccan Food is Yummy

:note: Tiamat – “Sympathy For the Devil (Rolling Stones cover)”

I am SO. FULL. :gross: In a good way, though.

I got chicken shishkabobs, they come out on two big metal skewers skewered into a half of a fresh eggplant. You don’t eat the eggplant, it’s just for decoration. And then they put a lit birthday candle in the middle, just for fun. EVERYTHING is so delicious. :yum: I love it. If you have a chance to eat Moroccan food, I’d totally take it if I were you. And if you’re ever in Portland, I must recommend dining at Marrakesh. They’re very good.

I like their bellydancers too. Their tummies just look so soft. I like that they’re not super super thin, they have a little bit of a tummy. It was a different dancer tonight than the one on Thanksgiving (which inspired Paul to write the Bellydancing Fantasy Girl song, if you haven’t seen the video you should check it out. Remember to right click and hit “save as.”) but she was really good too. They’re fun to watch.

A bunch of little kids were at the restaurant and they were just MEZMERIZED by the dancer. It was hilarious. I bet the little girls are going to be bellydancing for weeks now. :lol:

Again, if anybody’s interested in the Tiamat song, just lemme know. I’ll email it to you.

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