February 21, 2005 3:01 pm

Spring Schedule and More

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Get Down, Make Love”

The horn stopped almost right after I posted the edit thing last night. When it first started, I thought I was going nuts. I assumed it was the fan on Daniel’s computer, but it (surprisingly) wasn’t making any noise, so then I figured it may have been some of his guitar electronics (amp, pedals, etc) but it wasn’t. I was crawling around his room putting my ear up to ANYTHING that even remotely looked like it could have been making that noise. I finally deduced that it was coming from a spherical shaped area above his CD tower near the window.

I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t very right either. The reason it sounded like it was coming from near the window is because the car was on the street that the window was facing. Why it seemed spherical, I have no idea. Can’t explain that one. The people across the street were hovering around their front door, just watching the car. I was SO GLAD the cop showed up to fix things.


I successfully registered for my classes for next term. I was at the school at 7:15am (yes, I was mostly asleep) and didn’t make it back downstairs for my 8:00am class until 7:55am. I guess I should be happy that at least I had class this morning, so my trip wasn’t totally a waste, but being at the school before I even leave the house on normal days was unpleasant. My schedule thus far:

Spring 05 Class Schedule
Class Day Time
Multimedia & Animation Tuesday 12:45pm
Intermediate Computer Science Tuesday 6pm
SpTp: XML Wednesday 12:45pm
SpTp: Design Tools for IMD Thursday 8am
General Psychology Thursday 12:45pm

SpTp stands for “Special Topics” which basically means the class isn’t normally offered – it’s kind of a one-time deal. Though, if the class is really popular or turns out to be extremely helpful, they’ll continue to offer it.

I’m sort of excited about General Psychology – I used to want to be a psychologist (psychiatrist?) when I was 12, so it’s of at least some interest to me. Though, at that age I also thought I was going to go to college at the Fashion Institute of Technology to be a fashion designer. :yuck: I look at the fashion majors in my school and wonder how I could have ever thought I could do that. In reality, the closest thing to what I actually wanted to do at that age would be graphic design – I wasn’t interested in fashion, I was interested in designing cool things to screenprint on T-shirts. That’s totally graphic design more than anything else.

The payment policy on my portfolio domain is kind of… weird. The one for this site is set up as an automatic payment, so I never have to think about it. The other one, however, is a you-must-remember-every-month with no-email-reminder kind of policy. I’m not a huge fan. However, it’s half as expensive as this one with more space and more bandwidth. So I guess I can overlook their total-pain-in-the-ass payment procedures.

I was visiting kottke.org and came across a link I found extremely interesting. It was about an autistic man named David who can do complicated mathematical problems in his head (among other things). That sort of stuff really interests me for some reason, the so-called “idiot-savant” dichotomy that exists in about 10% of autistic people. I’ve heard that it’s their right brain attempting to make up for what their left brain lacks, but either way, I think it’s amazing.

Actually, speaking of my portfolio domain, I’m wholly unsatisfied with the design. Absolutely wholly unsatisfied. And I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t work on it now – I have to do my JavaScript homework before tomorrow AND I have to build out a graphical representation of a website into a real functioning HTML page before Friday. :keyboard: Wish me luck.

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