February 21, 2005 8:25 pm

Damn You, Google.

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Hurt”

This day is coming to a no-good end.

I have NO FREAKIN’ IDEA what my JavaScript homework is telling me to do.
No idea at all. It’s attempting to make me do the impossible. :dis: This is the first assignment I have honestly had NO IDEA how to complete, and it’s making me feel very inadequate.

Google hates me.
I’m very sad about this. :( It used to be that when you searched for “oipom,” my site was the first. Naturally, of course, because that’s the goddamn domain name. Now, however, you have to press the “next” button and I’m next to last on page two. :wtf: How does that make any sense? I have meta tags, I have content… I even have people LINKING to me now for chrissake. The more links to your site, the higher up Google is supposed to rank you. People other than me actually visit here now. What’s Google’s problem?

Google hates me again.
I’m way more upset about the lack of oipom on Google than I am about this, but I used to be about #4 or #5 on Google for “meggan” as well, and today I got to about page nine before I gave up hope. :tear: WHY DOES GOOGLE HATE ME??? It’s like I don’t exist. And if there’s one thing that gets me down, it’s people/things acting like I don’t exist. This is not to say I’m an attention-hog – I’m not. I just don’t deal well with being ignored.

People only find me through stupid search terms.

Rank / Hits / % / Term

1  189 	53.85% 	underwear
2 25 	7.12% 	  undies
3 13 	3.70% 	  underware
4 10 	2.85%     transparent underwear
5 5 	1.42%  	   oipom.com
6 4 	1.14% 	   %22pen%22%22drawing%22
7 4 	1.14% 	    animated kermit the frog humping
8 3 	0.85% 	   rammstein
9 2 	0.57% 	   bikini personal site
10 2 	0.57% 	  black undies
11 2 	0.57% 	  davidu defaced
12 2 	0.57% 	  fanlisting type o negative
13 2 	0.57% 	  firefox underwear
14 2 	0.57% 	  frederick's of hollywood erin
15 2 	0.57% 	  humping kermit gif
16 2 	0.57% 	  i do underwear
17 2 	0.57% 	  like my undies
18 2 	0.57%  	  love underwear
19 2 	0.57% 	  mafiamax
20 2 	0.57% 	  o underwear

I can explain some of these. I own an underwear fanlisting, I got defaced (my site was hijacked/replaced with a tribute to Yasser Arafat) by that dumbfuck Davidu or whatever, my guestbook got defaced with a GIF of kermit humping snoopy, and I have a photo I’ve named Mafia Max, because my friend Max (happy 21st yesterday, buddy) looked like he could have been in the mafia.

I still think they’re stupid search terms though. I don’t even have any really random ones. Even “humping kermit” can be explained.

Also, why does this person’s page get ranked higher than mine? MeGGaN’z PaGe (yes, it has sticky caps. and chat speak. it is a monstrosity to behold)

The Internet is out to get me, my friends.

To answer your questions from the comments:
I actually live in a fairly nice neighborhood, one block away from what’s considered a very cool shopping area.
I haven’t yet released the name of my portfolio site, because I think it looks like crap right now. In due time.
They didn’t give me any drugs when I fractured my wrist. Click “more” for the whole story.

I was about 8 years old, and swinging on the rings at school, much like one would swing on monkey bars. I hung onto the second ring and tried to reach for the fourth (a very common practice), missed, fell, and landed on my butt with my hands on the ground by my sides, fingers facing backwards.

Everybody ran over like, “OHMYGOD ARE YOU HURT?!?” and I was just trying not to cry, because it was so embarrasing. Honestly, who falls off of the rings? So I said, “No, I’m fine” and just tried to keep from crying. I had to write a journal or something in class, and I kept trying to use my left hand because it hurt really bad to use my right (the one I fractured).

I told my mom about it when I got home, and she was mad that I didn’t tell the school about it right away because their insurance would have covered it. I remember being really upset about this, because I was hurting and my mom was mad about insurance and not making me feel better.

My mom tended not to believe us about things like this (I have two younger brothers) because we apparently faked things often or something. I think she just thought I was trying to get out of something. She said to just go to bed and if it still hurts in the morning, we’ll see about taking me to the doctor.

The next morning, I told my mom that it still hurt. I held out my hand, palm down, and she told me to turn it. I probably turned it 1/4 of an inch before I couldn’t move it anymore. I don’t even think I could turn it the other way. She finally relented and took me to the doctor.

They took X-rays and determined I fractured one of the bones in my wrist. I had to get a cast, and the only color choices were BRIGHT FUCKING PINK or denim blue. I picked blue after being blinded by the hideous pink. I figured it would go with my jeans.

So yeah, that’s my only broken bone experience. I have sprained both wrists twice, doing gymnastics. It sucked. Much of my early teens was spent wearing an ACE bandage around one of my wrists.

I was hot, I tell you. Those dirty beige ACE bandages do wonders for your sex appeal. :sarc:

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