February 20, 2005 7:04 pm

Auto-Commenting Went Away.

:note: Modest Mouse – “Bury Me With It”

Um, I’ve apparently done away with my auto-commenting hack on accident. :lookup: I honestly don’t know what’s happened to it. I added my PHPcurrently script back (it went by the wayside somewhere along the line) and then my auto-commenting thing disappeared.


I’m going to go look at the files on Daniel’s computer and see if he has the my-hacks.php file saved on his (I may have configured it there) and try to fix it. The really weird thing is that I don’t even think I have the my-hacks.php thing uploaded now, but I KNOW I didn’t delete it. I don’t know what’s going on.

I’ll get it fixed soon, I promise. Don’t think I don’t love you.
I do. :love:

[edit: 9:06pm]
Turns out, the reason I didn’t see the my-hacks.php file was because I was looking at the wrong FTP window. :sarc: HOWEVER, the reason the auto-commenting went away was because I initially implemented it using Daniel’s computer, so the latest version of my WordPress index was on his computer, not mine. Therefore, when I used mine to add the “currently” thing back, I overwrote the file that had the code for the auto-commenting. This is what I thought was wrong, and it was easily fixed. Now the auto-commenting is back, and so is the currently thing.

Just as a side note, for some god awful reason, there is a car parked outside on the street with it’s horn blaring. It sounds like somebody died and fell over on the horn. IT WONT STOP HONKING. It’s one big continuous tone, not like, “honk! honk! honk!” but “hooooooooooooooooo” (the “oonk” isn’t there because IT HASN’T STOPPED!!!) :gross: It’s driving me absolutely insane.

Daniel’s taken to playing the guitar :guitar: to go along with it to make it less obtrusive, because it’s approximately a C note. It lends itself well to accompaniment.

Ooh, now (9:16pm) the police showed up! The cop is waving his flashlight around the interior of the car (presumably to check for bombs or dead people) but the horn still isn’t off. *sigh* I hope it goes away soon.


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