February 19, 2005 12:35 am

The One With The Dead Computer

:note: Moonspell – “Wolfshade (a werewolf masquerade)”

Daniel’s computer :compy: blew up yesterday. It’s been making really weird noises for a few weeks, malfunctioning kind of noises. We ignored it for the most part because if you hit the computer, sometimes it would quiet down. :roll:

Daniel walked to my school to get me after my class, and then we got some dinner at Whole Foods and checked out a nearby music store. (he bought me some cool CDs. more about that later.) When we got home, his room smelled really funny, and his computer was off. It was on when he left.

Upon further investigation, he determined that the fan on his power supply had gone out, thereby causing the power supply to die. More or less. This is discounting the HUGE PILE OF DUST that he cleaned out of it while dismantling the computer. :yuck: His floor looked really gross after he was done. There were lots of dust bunnies and dirty, dusty Q-tips he used to get the dust out. Gross.

As you can see (well, you can’t see, but I’m using his computer to type this) it’s back to normal now. He just happened to have a spare power supply lying around (doesn’t everyone? :loco:). The new power supply’s fan doesn’t really work well though, so he has a normal household fan propped up next to the sideless computer. Nope, we’re not ghetto at all. Not. At. All.

As far as CDs go, I found a cool Hades album that’s called “Alone Walkyng” and I found two weird single type things by Nine Inch Nails. One is a ten track “maxi-single” of Head Like A Hole and some other things from “Pretty Hate Machine” and the other is a CD called “Sin” that has three different mixes of the song “Sin” and then the cover of Queen’s “Get Down, Make Love.” At least I think it was by Queen originally. The Hades CD was $2.50, the maxi-single was $1 and “Sin” was $3.50. Daniel also found another Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie called “Gunslinger” and I found a NIN postcard with Trent Reznor’s face. Pretty freakin’ awesome.

I mailed the CD for “the random person on the internet” today, and I also mailed something to Max. It’s sort of for his birthday, but it’s also kind of a joke. I’ll mention it later, when I think he’ll have received it already. I need to send Brien something for his birthday on the 22nd.

Also, just as a side note, I got my schedule for next term signed off (so I can register on Monday) and it looks like my classes will end up okay. I’ll have two classes on Tuesday (afternoon and night) , one on Wednesday (afternoon), and two on Thursday (morning and afternoon), so that’s really not bad at all. I decided against the Saturday class, basically because it’s on Saturday, but also because it’d end up that I’d have all five of my classes be Multimedia classes. Which, I mean, I guess that’s okay but I think it’d be more work than I’m really capable of doing. And because I’m supposed to be considering every project for my portfolio, my stuff needs to be good. School is scary.

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