February 18, 2005 1:51 pm

Ukranian Adventures

:note: Finger Eleven – “First Time”

A little background: my Uncle Ted is presently serving in Iraq as some sort of police trainer type thing, and he recently got married to a nice lady named Oksana from Ukraine. The marriage was basically just a legal one, a courthouse type thing. He should be done with his stay in Iraq soon, and in May, he’s planning on having a “church” wedding in Ukraine. He’s flying my bestest cousin Kalena :love: to Ukraine to be there for it.

Here’s the kicker: he suggested I go with her! :highfive:

He also offered to pay half my way if I could come up with the other half, so my mom said she’d come up with it as a birthday present to me (my birthday’s in June). I’m freaking out about it. The only “foreign” country I’ve been to is Canada. :sarc: I’ve been wanting to go overseas, and this would be an absolutely perfect opportunity to go.

I’d probably fly to L.A. to meet up with Kalena, hang out for maybe a day or so, and then we’d fly out together. I’ve never flown by myself before so I’m kinda scared about that, but I should be okay. If five year olds can do it, I can do it. :woggly:

There’s also a possibility that my cousin Kelsie (age 17) would go too… :dis: I mean, I love Kelsie, but I don’t know how hard it would be to travel internationally with a minor without her parents. I know even to get into Canada it’s a pain in the ass if you don’t have the kid’s parents with them. Kalena didn’t sound thrilled about the idea, and I know my mom wasn’t thrilled either. I’m kind of ambivalent. Kelsie’s sorta rebellious, but I highly doubt she’d act out with me or Kalena, and especially not around my Uncle Ted. But you never know. And then the fact that she’s underage… I don’t know. And it’s not like she’s begging to go, my aunt Missy just said, “Oh I want to send Kelsie with you!” and they can totally afford it.

So I don’t know how that’s going to turn out, but I’m looking forward to going. The only sucky thing is that I’d have to miss about a week of classes, and it’d be around the same time I’d be having mid-terms. :thinking: I can talk to my teachers about it and just say, “Hey, I’m going to Ukraine for a week, can I take my midterms early?” and they’d probably let me. It’s just a pain in the ass to make up work.

But hey, I’d be traveling internationally, and I think that’s a pretty good excuse for missing class.

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