February 9, 2005 2:18 pm

Jeopardy! Champion

:note: that Numanuma guy

Max sent Daniel this link of some random Eastern European guy singing to this “Numanuma” song. It is SO. FUNNY. Check it out here. Try not to watch it until the whole thing has downloaded, because once it downloads all the way it’ll play smoothly. It’s so addicting.

Last night, Daniel challenged me to a Sega Genesis Jeopardy! Tournament. I beat him 2 out of 3, but it was so much fun. Highlights from the game:

  • One of the questions was: “As he was riding it, his ass began speaking to him.” This was in the biblical category, and I laughed so hard I cried. :rotfl:
  • The questions was something like, “The ugly duckling was a swan, and the ugly dachshund was actually this dog.” So Daniel made a random guess and answered “poodle,” and in the middle of typing it he said, “It’s probably a Great Dane. Great Danes are nothing like swans.” When the game said “incorrect” to poodle, the answer was Great Dane. :thinking:
  • The time I ended the Double Jeopardy! round with -200 dollars and Daniel had finally evened out to 0, the game said, “Since the players have no money to wager, Final Jeopardy will not be played tonight.” :(
  • Most of the fun involved naming the characters. Daniel’s was a black guy named “Roger,” and mine was an aging woman with huge owl glasses that I named “Joyce.” Joyce won the first match.
  • The next match, I used some weird looking lady I named “Tanya.” That time, Daniel’s character was this very “master race” looking guy with glasses, so he named him “Adolf.” Not surprisingly, that was when we didn’t make it to Final Jeopardy!
  • The last game, I used the same “Joyce” character but named her “Betty,” and Daniel used “Roger” but named him “Monty.” That was when I won again. I rather liked the Joyce lady. She was good.
  • The time we made it through an entire round, and at the end, we both finally made it back to zero after being in the hole for the whole round.

It was great.

We then went on to have a WWF match, in which my team was “the Narcissist” and “the Model,” the two most fruity looking guys in the game. One wore hot pink briefs and hot pink boots to match, and the other had white briefs with pink shoes, maybe. Daniel’s people were named things like, “the Undertaker” and “Papa Shambo” or something. He kicked my ass, but I had a few good moves. Every time he’d charge at me, I’d somehow grab him and flip him over onto the ground.

Old video games are fun.

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