February 8, 2005 9:50 pm

Oversize Post

:note: Hedwig and the Angry Inch – “Wig In A Box”

I have lots of things to talk about today. I shall finish it off with a totally awesome picture.

Some time ago, a few weeks or so, Daniel was trying to say something to me about underwear in reference to one’s bum, and it came out as “unners in your bummer,” which sounds so painfully cute and British that it’s hard not to say it all the time. Just try it. “Unners in your bummer.” It just makes you laugh. :) Too funny.

I have a new sort of guestbook called a “Guestblock.” Basically, it works like a guestbook, but you get to stack little blocks on top of one another if you comment, and you can pick your own block. I swear to god, it it so much fun. Once you do it, you’ll totally want your own. You can find mine at oipom.com/guestblock.

I had a horrible experience this morning in which I had to leave for class and my homework wasn’t done. I only realized how to do it moments before I had to leave so I ended up finishing it during class, which I suppose was okay. I don’t think many people got it.

I’m so glad other people are coming along with me on this Harry Potter dork out. :dork: I wonder if I’m going to be the sort of person who stands in line at midnight to get a copy of book #6… Actually, knowing me, I’ll be standing there and I’ll also be dressed up. Or wearing the AWESOMENESS that is the Hermione shirt I made for when the 3rd movie came out. (Which was a disappointment, I think.) Maybe Daniel and Callie and Paul and I will make NEW shirts, because mine kind of died. :( I used to make iron on shirts all the time, and these ones totally didn’t come out like my others. Anyway, yeah. I shall probably be there and in some sort of I :love: HP shirt or something.

In case some of you haven’t heard this before, I am exactly like Hermione. The whole school/studying thing, and the whole “GUYS! Don’t DO that. You’ll get us in trouble!” mentality. That is totally me. 100%. It’s really pretty funny if you know me. I’m not really a goody-two-shoes, I just… I like following rules, I guess. I don’t know. I generally do what’s expected of me. This probably explains why, after having been in college for a year and a half, I haven’t missed or been significantly late to a class. :thinking: Um, this makes me sound really neurotic. I swear I’m not. :inn: Ha ha ha.

Daniel’s work decided that the store wasn’t getting clean enough after closing (9pm, he clocks out at 9:30) so they’re having a two-week trial period in which the closing employees must stay an hour after closing to clean the store. This is stupid in more than one way. First off, the reason nothing gets done is because the managers have put priority on production (output numbers, basically) instead of normal store procedure. Therefore, the people that used to clean/organize periodically are now constantly producing things to put out on the floor. Since they’re doing that, nothing gets pulled off of the floor either, so things get backed up and overstocked.
Secondly, 10 fucking pm?!? I know of at least one person that works there that has two small children at home. It’s a thrift store for chrissakes.
This is why, at 9:45, I have about another half an hour to wait before I can see Daniel. :mad:

I honestly don’t know how housewives do it. If I’m alone for most of the day, I start going looney and I get really desperate for human contact. :excite: I freak out in heaps of joy if people sign on to MSN messenger that I know I’ll talk to. As in, HI HI HI I’ve been WAITING for you to get online ALL DAY! HI! I’m sure Callie can vouch for this. It’s how I greet her pretty much every time I talk to her on MSN. There was a joke on questionable content once about how Faye almost gets to the point where she starts talking to her refrigerator, and that’s totally how I feel. I mean, I guess if you’re staying home because you’re taking care of kids, that’s a little different because you have too much to do, but at least it’s another human… I dunno. Maybe it’s just as bad.

And now, for the ultra-glorious picture. :camera: Try to refrain from spitting your drink out onto your computer. This is Daniel (on the right) and our friend Casey, on a band trip, possibly senior year. Could have been junior year. I dunno. Anyhow, behold:


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