February 7, 2005 12:23 pm

I Love Type O Negative and Other Miscellany

:note: Type O Negative – “Green Man” :ton:

I probably haven’t listened to Type O Negative in weeks, and I must say, I have missed it. When I first moved here for college, I’m sure Callie thought I was a lunatic because of my fanatic obsession with them. I’m not as obsessive now, but I still love them. I still can’t believe I met Johnny Kelly (drummer) and Kenny Hickey (guitarist) at their last show here. OMG. Completely surreal.

In reference to the Voldemort email, I didn’t open it because I heard of a scamming/phishing attempt that involved HP book #6 emails – they try to get your info to supposedly send you an advance copy of the book or something, but it’s just people trying to steal your identity. That’s why I just took a screenshot of it. I must admit I was a little suspicious about receiving an email from Voldemort as opposed to say, Rita Skeeter or Luna Lovegood or something. Somebody relatively harmless. :excite: Oh man, just thinking about this is making me totally excited about book #6. I’m a huge dork. :dork:

Also, I absolutely LOVE the “Series of Unfortunate Events” books by Lemony Snicket. I read all eleven of them in a few days, and now I have no idea when the next one is supposed to come out. Daniel’s mom got me the “Unauthorized Biography” of Lemony Snicket, which was awesome even though it didn’t answer as many questions as I had. WHAT DOES THE SUGAR BOWL HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? What does it all MEAN? And why was Carmelita Spats ( :yuck: ) brought back in? Is she important?

I managed to get in at #8 on the photo comments at dooce, merely because I have class at 8am on Mondays so it’s the only day I’m awake in time to be in the running. That’s the highest I’ve ever been on the list – I got there when there were only two, and by the time I typed a very short sentence and hit “post,” I was in eighth place. Awesome!

I finally broke down and bought my E-Commerce book so I’ll be prepared for my midterm :write: on Thursday. My edit of “My Love Story” got shown in class today, and people had nice things to say about it. It was toward the end of class, so we had seen about a million versions of the same thing, but people said they liked mine because some things were different. :lol: I’m sure it’s because they’re all DMP majors and I’m a MM&WD major, and that’s why mine was different. Ah well, at least they liked it. Also, I was panicking because I had the great and wonderful foresight to include the color bars and that weird beep noise ON A BLACK AND WHITE VIDEO. You don’t need to calibrate color on a B&W video. :sarc: I think three (or so) other people did it as well, so I didn’t feel so stupid, but when we were watching them and seemingly NOBODY had included them, I felt really self-conscious. Video is NOT my thing, so I’m always really apprehensive about showing my work.

:plug: Thanks to: JessicaRabbit, and congratulations on the shoes. I have like, four pairs of them. :love:

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