February 6, 2005 2:51 pm

Random Thoughts For The Day

:note: Hedwig and the Angry Inch – “Sugar Daddy”

Sorry for the uber-technical post yesterday. I was really frustrated and bored.

My Volatile fanlisting is done, so you can go join it if you’re a fan of them. I took the photo that I used in the layout and I’m fairly proud of how it came out. It was of these awesome white flip-flops I have by them. I love Volatile shoes, so I’m really excited that I own the fanlisting for them.

My fanlisting wishlist is pretty short, because any of the other ones I want aren’t going to be hard to get. This one, however, is technically following all the rules, so there’s nothing I can do. They’ve updated the site recently, they don’t have unfair rules, and they list members regardless of whether they have a website or not.

Peter Steele
This one is currently owned by someone who has never heard of CSS. :yuck: It also has huge pagebuilder type buttons used as links, complete with default HTML borders. It’s a monstrosity to behold, and I’m really tempted to “donate” a layout to her because I want to do a total re-design of it.
I feel bad for Peter Steele that this is the caliber of design that gets associated with him. Eeesh. She has a link to her collective, which is equally as badly designed. She has a link to other “hot” bands, which include Disturbed, Linkin Park and Aedema. :gross: *barfs* One of the members that are supposedly a “fan” has “Angel” listed as their favorite TON song. Angel is not even by Type O Negative! That’s the first thing it says on the forum on their site. “Angel is NOT a Type O Negative song.” I pity this site.

P.S. The “angel” girl uses STICKY CAPS on her website. You know, ThIs SoRt Of ThInG aLl OvEr ThE pLaCe. :dead:

I think I’m going to abandon going to the school to do my reading for tomorrow. We’re just critiquing the “My Love Story” projects and we don’t have a quiz. It’s not worth the trip to me. I have my project done, that’s all that counts.

Yesterday I attempted to burn a DVD and found out that my computer doesn’t do that. :lookup: It says it’s a DVD rom, and I wasn’t sure if that meant that I could burn DVDs as well as watch them (because I’ve watched them many times before) so I decided to test it out. It doesn’t. :( I was going to burn Hedwig to send to my family. :lol: My mom said she liked the songs in it, and I figure Landen would like the movie. I dunno. But no matter, because it didn’t work.

My room smells like lasagne. I’m going to get Daniel’s incense burner and some Nag Champa incense. I used to have my own incense burner, a long time ago, but I don’t know what happened to it. :|

I talked to my mom on the phone for about an hour today. So get this – the rest of my family is going to Washington D.C. and New York City for spring break. :thinking: I, meanwhile, have no current plans. I told her to get me a keychain. She said she’d take a picture of Ground Zero for me. I have a picture of the World Trade Centers from the sidewalk looking up, and one from inside (at about the 90th floor? or so) looking down at the sidewalk. They’re going because my brother’s school does a D.C. trip every year or so, kind of as a big tour group thing, and you can get in on the group if you commit early enough. I’m really jealous that I can’t go.

I originally had the idea to go to Fairmont Hot Springs in Canada with Callie and Paul because they’ve never been to Canada, but… I dunno. Callie mentioned possibly having plans, and my mom says Fairmont is about 6 hours from where they live, so it’d probably be a 14 hour drive or so. :woggly: Then she said why don’t I go to “that weird house in Oregon” and I screamed “THE OREGON VORTEX OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!” I totally want to go there. :hearts: I learned about it once when I was like, ten, and totally forgot about it until we went to the coast for Spring Break in 2003 and I saw a brochure for it. And then I forgot AGAIN until my mom just reminded me. So maybe I’ll pitch that idea to Daniel and Paul and see what they think. I’m up for it. You can learn about it at http://www.oregonvortex.com.

If you’re planning on commenting and telling me that you went there and it was lame, or that you heard about it and it was lame, or if you’re going to otherwise rain on my parade, please PLEASE refrain from commenting. Raining on parades is not always necessary. Or nice.

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