February 5, 2005 4:34 pm

I Certainly Didn’t Drop The Frames.

:note: the whirring of 30+ computers

I’m attempting to do my Intro to Editing project, and things are going somewhat okay. However, when I tried to print it to my Mini-DV tape, it did this stupid “dropped frames” thing and messed up the whole transfer.

I think it’s because I kept the video files on a CD and told Final Cut Pro where they were, instead of actually transferring them onto the computer and telling FCP where they were. I’m pretty sure it’s harder for the computer to read data off a CD than it is off of itself.

This is the reason why I’m posting – transferring 2.49GB of info from my DVD to the computer is taking 15 minutes to accomplish, and I have nothing else to do.

They finally installed Firefox on the computers at school. :chubbysmile: However, it was only on the Macintosh computers, which currently have not only Safari, but Mozilla as an alternative to IE. :| HOWEVER, I just got an email telling me that they’ve gone ahead and installed Firefox on ALL the computers in the school! :chubbysmile: This is a fantastic development. It means that I no longer have to re-install and/or download Firefox every time I want to use the internet (because, yes, I am that much of a dork). I will voluntarily go to the mozilla site, download Firefox, and install it (which, you know, probably takes up a total of five minutes) just so I don’t have to use IE. :lookup:

So anyway, the transfer is about a minute away from completion, so I shall go and try to output “My Love Story” to my Mini-DV tape again. Wish me luck.

Also, I can’t help but shop at Fred Meyer. I don’t have a car, so I can’t get anywhere else (except for Trader Joe’s, which is far more expensive). I’m limited to where I can walk, and I’m also limited grocery-wise to what I can carry home either in my hands or in my backpack. And what I can fit in my fridge. So basically, though I know the rewards card is pretty much totally lame, anything helps. Especially when I don’t really have other options. And Star, that’s awesome that you got 80% on my quiz. As far as I know, you’re the only one who’s taken it.

[edit 5:06pm]
I re-started the computer so it stopped dropping frames, but now it won’t render ANYTHING. It’s telling me there isn’t sufficient render space, and would I like to free up some space? So I hit yes, and deleted things until there wasn’t anything left in the render files, and it STILL told me there wasn’t any space.


So I switched computers, and I now have to let all the files transfer again. :mad: Nine minutes left… How lame is this? I’m totally done, and it just won’t output. If I can’t get it to work this time, I’m totally just going to output it onto DVD and just turn that in. I know how to do that.

:plug: Thank you: anonymous, Shannon, Star

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