January 29, 2005 7:19 pm

Portfolio Site Updates

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “I Do Not Want This”

I did schoolwork today. I went to the school and worked on a database. From 1:30pm until about 5:20 or so. Entering data into a database. My brain may well be sludge by now. I didn’t do any of my reading because, well, we got done after 5pm and (I learned from my past experiences!) the library is closed then. I have an ItE project to do, and I was thinking about it just now and panicking because I thought it was due Monday, but now I’m thinking it’s not due until the week after next… in which case, I don’t have to run to the school tomorrow to do it. HELL YES, I just checked, and I was right! :D It’s not due until week #05! The coming week is only week #04! I have another SEVEN DAYS to work on it. I’m probably only going to use one, and not use it wisely at that, but still. At least I know now.

Anyway, reading. :book: I have reading I need to do for ItE, my E-Commerce class (I really should have just bought the book… I may still, I don’t know. I really need it), AND my Project Management class. And technically my History of Material Cultures II class, but she said she’s not going to quiz us on it and it’s just to better our understanding of the material. For that class, I don’t care about my understanding of the material as long as I can get an A in the class. Which is totally possible, it’s looking like. So… yeah. I should really make a concerted effort to do at least the E-Commerce one and the ItE one.

I am in desperate need for some cookies. Or chocolate. I don’t normally have chocolate cravings, so this is a little unusual, but I feel like I need sugar of some sort.

Daniel bought some pants yesterday from American Eagle. And some shoes. He sorta did it because since I got all that stuff from them, they gave me a “Get $10 off if you spend $50” card. He decided to get me some stuff that would total about $10, because otherwise I’d basically just be giving him ten dollars of mine that I earned (lol, by buying clothes). I ended up getting some underwear… they were really cute.

I’m installing WordPress on my portfolio domain. I’m not entirely sure why. I think it’s so that I can update using a program or something. :dead: I like how I’m just sort of doing things… No rhyme or reason to them at all.

I feel brain dead today. Not good for trying to work on a portfolio site.

Thanks to: JessicaRabbit and Star for the comments.

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