January 25, 2005 10:48 pm

Not A Coming Soon Page, Not Yet A Site

:note: the Sisters of Mercy – “Lucretia, My Reflection”

I have so much site stuff to do, and yet so much other (more important) homework stuff to do. My portfolio domain has propagated, so I could link it here if I wanted to. However, I’m trying some fun and daring things, and it doesn’t look quite right yet.

My goals for the portfolio site are as follows:

1. Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and valid CSS.
This shouldn’t be hard, considering a lot of pages on oipom.com validate. My CSS is fine, it’s just the XHTML I’m a little worried about. I know it’s possible, it’s just that sometimes I use scripts that are not of my own creation and sometimes they’re not valid, and I don’t know them well enough sometimes to fix them.

2. Install assloads of cool scripts.
Scripts make things so much more streamlined and easier to update. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without PHPfanbase for my fanlistings or PHPquotes for my quotes page, or Flinx for my fanlisting list. Instead of going in and having to hand code all of those things, I just log into an admin panel and select what I want, or hit “approve” or whatever. They also keep content new and interesting, like in the instance of random image generators.

3. Have lots of interesting skins to choose from.
Yes, this means making multiple layouts. What I’m starting with is the same header images, but in different colors for each skin. The cool thing, though, is that inside each colored skin, the header images are set on random, so when you load a page, you’re still in the same color scheme but you’re seeing different header images. Um, that was about as clear as mud. In short, there are a few different headers, and then within those, there are different colors of them for the skins. See? It’s so cool I can’t even explain it properly.

4. Properly credit everything that isn’t mine.
This will probably just be for scripts, because I’m finding I’ve taken enough photos to have a fairly decent stock photography folder. I pledge that I will have a credits section.

5. No discrepancies in style
This happens occasionally on oipom.com, and it bothers me. Things like, some h2 tags have a bunch of space after them and some don’t, or some of my photo pages use the PHP switch function and others don’t… Things like that. I want consistency. If I’m going to post an image, it had damn well better be 400 x 300 px with a 5px gray border. All of them. Etc, etc.

Basically, I want this site to show my dedication to valid coding, pretty layouts, and attention to detail. Thus, it is not linked here yet. I really shouldn’t start extensive projects like this while I’m in school. It’s just a bad idea. I hate this “update site every three months when I’m on break” thing I have going, but there’s really not a lot I can do to fix it.


I took another Pinky sticker today. This one is funny. I scanned it and then put a gray background on it, because a white bg just looked weird.

He’s breathing fire!


My MadLib got shown in class today. It was pretty funny. Participate in my MadLibopens in a new window. You need to have JavaScript enabled, but 99% of the time it already is, so you should be fine. Have fun.


Daniel just told me he’s going to go play his SonySegaStationPlus. :| I hear it’s the latest rage in gaming technology.

Don’t click this unless you’ve already done the MadLib:

My Latest MadLib (I ignored some of the rules, sorry.)

Once upon a time there was a beef jerky named Oberto. He enjoyed playing hopscotch with his pet plant, a tomato. The tomato was never very talkative, but most tomatos aren’t.

Unbeknownst to Oberto, he had a very peculiar neighbor. This neighbor had an obsession with pairs of bookends, which would have been most disturbing to Oberto had he been aware of it.

When Oberto checked his mail last Tuesday he noticed a box addressed to Mr. Skatemegorphius, his peculiar neighbor.

Oberto figured this would be as good a time as any to meet his neighbor, so Oberto hummed to the neighbor’s house and ritualized on the door. No one answered. “Obersnokernized” thought Oberto. I’ll just peek in the window.

No one could have prepared Oberto for what he was about to see. When he looked in, he saw something horrific. Mr. Skatemegorphius was animatedly twiddling in the living room.

Oberto was so upset that he threw the box onto the porch and poked it. He then puked back to his house, never to talk to the weird neighbor again.



Oberto hummed to the neighbor’s house and ritualized on the door.
Tell me that is not the funniest thing you’ve heard all night. Ritualized on the door. It sounds so perverse. Oh man. Daniel and I were laughing for ages. Also, the thought of someone “animatedly twiddling” in their living room conjures some pretty awful imagery.

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