January 24, 2005 4:13 pm

Fun With Magnets

:note: My Dying Bride – “The Angel and the Dark River”

Thanks to Shannon for the comment on the previous entry. I’m so glad people get a kick out of those food labels. They were a lot of fun to think up. Also, Shannon’s site is very pretty. Go visit.

After class, Paul and I went to Pizza Schmizza for some lunch, and just sat and talked for over an hour. It was pretty cool. I went to a thrift store afterwards but didn’t find anything worthwhile. I did find another fake Tervis cup but I didn’t buy it because it was all floral and hideous. Ew.

When I was at Goodwill the other day, I bought a $1 bag of those refrigerator magnets that are all numbers and letters. There were SO MANY of them. They basically fill up the entire front of my mini-fridge. When I was putting them all on there, I got the fantastic idea to be creative, and so emerged this, among others:

I decided I might make this into a layout. I have a few other images, but that one’s one of the better ones. One one one. :P

I’m off to do my JavaScript homework (a mad lib, remember?) and work on the logo for E-Commerce.

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