January 22, 2005 11:14 pm

The Great Fridge Disaster

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “The Great Below”

Thanks to Cristin for the comments on the Pinky post. I now know who Bobby Flay is! :D

I just got done cutting Daniel’s hair. :) He used to freak out if his hair even thought about touching his ears, but ever since he started caring about dressing nice, he’s quit caring so much about the length of his hair. After a while, when it starts to get really big, he puffs it out and looks like a mad scientist which always kinda freaks me out. The longest razor jimmy thing we have is pretty short, and I like it when it’s a happy medium between the two extremes. So does his mom. :P So we’re on the short end of that happy medium now.

I never did end up doing my ItE (that’s going to be my new abbreviation for Intro to Editing) homework, though mostly due to outside circumstances beyond my control. Namely, I didn’t end up leaving home until after 4:30pm (for reasons I won’t go into) and when I got to the school, I printed out a few copies of the sheet I have to fill out for this logging thing, and when I got up to the library it was 5:10pm and the notice on the door says that the library closes at 5pm on Saturdays. :|

That ALWAYS happens to me. You’d think by now I’d learn to check the hours of the different areas of the school before I head down there to use them, but nooo. :( The thing isn’t due until Monday, so I do have tomorrow to do it, but I know that the library closes at 4pm on Sundays. The kicker? I don’t know what time it opens. So just my luck, I’ll get there super early and it’ll be closed. I have to allot myself about 3 hours to do the assignment, so as long as I’m there by 1pm I should be okay. Daniel has to be at work at 11am, so that shouldn’t be too difficult to manage.

And now for… The Great Fridge Disaster

I have a mini-fridge, not a regular, normal refrigerator. Regular, normal refrigerators/freezers tend to, um, keep things cold. And when I was at the grocery store, I knew it was a bad idea to buy popsicles. Daniel bought some once, about a year ago, and I don’t think he’s bought them since – for reasons I am about to illustrate.

Figure 001:

Yeah, um, they all melted. :ohmy: Squishy packets of fruit flavored juice now lie in wait in my “freezer” (yeah, right.) like little bombs, waiting to explode in a rainbow frenzy if I try to touch them. The ones in the very front, in front of my freezer foods, those stay mostly frozen. I’ve been trying to rotate the squishy ones down to the “cold” area in hopes that they’ll solidify enough that I can pick them up and eat them, and then I’ll rotate others down. This is the current situation:

Figure 002:

So now alongside the green glacier I have purple sludge. I have a totally melted strawberry one in my trash can and I’m afraid to see what it will have done between now and whenever I empty it. Another view of the fruity carnage:

Figure 003:

:notebook: Note to self: NEVER BUY POPSICLES AGAIN. What a bad idea that was.

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