January 19, 2005 1:50 pm

Fanlisting Updates

:note: Queens Of The Stone Age – “If Only”

Heather from dooce.com had an interview air on NPR, and if you go to her site, she gives you the link to go listen to it. Hearing that NPR guy say, “DUDE, I heard Janie got DOOCED last week” was totally the best part of my day. :rotfl:

I went ahead and did it – I totally started over with my underwear fanlisting. I deleted all of the old HTML pages and uploaded the spiffed up, include-enabled PHP pages. And there’s a new layout I drew all by myself. :ministar: It’s sorta dorky, but I like it. I realize the sidebar is grossly plain, but I hope to fix that. I might put all of the affiliates over there instead of in the “extra” page, and I need to make the links look spiffier. I might even put that “we have (#) members and (#) pending members” script over there as well.

That’s what I did all day yesterday – re-vamp that site. It totally needed it. There wasn’t a shred of XHTML coding anywhere, and I was still using iframes. :dead: Talk about terrible. I haven’t tried to validate it yet, but it at least has a DOCTYPE declaration now that’ll let the validator attempt to validate it. I can’t believe I let that thing go for that long. Up until yesterday, I hadn’t updated it since mid-November. That’s two whole months it sat there being lame until I fixed it. Good grief.

Anyway, this all means that if you were a former member of that fanlisting, you need to go re-join. I’m sorry all the info got lost, but I had been doing it all by hand so when I installed PHPfanbase, it had no idea that anybody was a member.

I’m going to get back into the swing of updating my main site – I have a few concert pages that never got written out, and a few random pages that exist but don’t have any links to them. I have a whole freakin’ bunch more photos I need to put on my photos page. I have them uploaded, just not displayed. I feel bad about it too, so now since I have Flinx and PHPfanbase installed, I’ll feel like I’m on top of things enough to update the content on oipom.com.

I don’t have class today until 6pm, but I need to go to the school early to do the reading :book: assignment. And knowing me, because I’m doing it at the last minute, someone else is going to have the book out. :roll: If they do, I might just go to Powells and read it there. How lame is that? At least I’ll have the reading done though. Oh god, and I still need to do that logging thing for Intro to Editing. I really don’t like DMP classes. :(

All of my finances have been worked out, thankfully, so I can expect my refund from my school on the 31st after 3pm.

I wish I had something more interesting to talk about than site updates, but it’s very interesting to me, so I suppose you’ll all just have to suffer.

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