January 18, 2005 8:58 pm

Website Stuff And General Nerdiness

:note: Avantasia – “Sign of the Cross”

My homework this week for my JavaScript class is to make a MadLib, so you can bet that I’ll post that on my site when I get it done. :)

I’ve spent most of the evening installing flinx, a script that helps with fanlistings. It has an admin panel that you use to control information in a database, and then the database outputs the information in the form of button links to the different fanlistings. It’s so freakin’ helpful. :P Therefore, my “fanlistings” page no longer exists and has been replaced with my flinx page. If there were any fanlistings I didn’t really feel strongly about, I just didn’t add them to the database, and then I also updated all of the links that were outdated and joined a bunch more.

:confused: I’m still at a loss for what to do with my underwear fanlisting. :dis: I want to keep it, there’s no doubt about that. I won’t be giving it away. However, I desperately need to be using PHPfanbase, and in order to do so, I could spend hours and hours adding each members information into the database, OR I could just say, “oops!” :lookup: and make everybody re-join.

That would be beneficial in that it would let me get a fresh start and would weed out the people who have lost interest. On the other hand, I have almost 300 members, and it seems like such a shame to just be like, “oops, you’re gone.” Especially since there are some people who have emailed me their info but I haven’t added to the site yet. Do I add them and then say “oops” or do I just say “please re-join” and hope they’re not upset?

Right now, I’m thinking I might just start all over. I mean, really, it isn’t that big of a deal, is it?

I think I’m going to put up a link to the page that lets you skin oipom.com, because the only pages that aren’t skinned (I think…?) are the “concert” pages, and I don’t think a lot of people look at those anyway, so it should be fine for now. I have three skins so far… one is a re-run of a past layout, just for the hell of it. This journal won’t be skinned anytime soon (what a nightmare that would be) so it will keep this layout until I decide to change it.

I’ve also downloaded some new smilies, so you’ll see some of them in use soon. :chubbysmile:

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