January 17, 2005 1:05 pm

First Daily Dirt

Since everybody does these, I figured I might take a stab at it. This is one of those things called memes, and no, I don’t know how to pronounce it. More info can be found here. The source for this meme can be found here.

Daily Dirt: Monday, January 17, 2005

1. When no one’s looking, what do you do in the elevator?
Well, the elevators at school are reflective, so I usually look up at the ceiling and fix whatever’s wrong with my hair, because there’s ALWAYS something. It’s my bangs – they go screwy at every possible opportunity. A lot of times it’s totally fixable, like when I walk to school and they’re just windblown. Other times, like when it’s raining, there’s no hope. I’d need a blow dryer and a round brush to fix them.

2. What do you in the cab when the driver ain’t watching?
I’ve actually only been in a cab once. I didn’t do anything weird.

3. How about while waiting for the elevator?
Brian Regan comes to mind, the part about the eyebrow lift. Like, “Hey, I acknowledge your presence, but I got nuthin’ to say to ya.”

4. What do you do at the back of the bus when there’s no one watching?
In middle/high school, we used to eat. That was a cardinal sin on the bus, that eating. You’d have to duck down real low, but high enough so the top of your head was above the seat so that nothing would seem amiss. It was NEVER permissible to duck down and chuck the food into your mouth and pop back up, because that would be too sudden, and the driver would be able to see you munching.

5. How about in front of the PC when none of your friends online can see you?
Oh man. Well, a lot of times, I’m using the computer right after I get out of the shower. So I’m simultaneously trying to get dressed and surf the internet, and it sometimes happens that I’m, um, rather unclothed. :oops: heh. Enough about this.

I went absolutely crazy yesterday – I had talked to my mom about possibly getting some new clothes, and yesterday I just went and did it. I bought stuff from both american eagle :roll: and old navy. I spent the same amount in both places, oddly enough, and spent less than $200 total. If you know me, it’s very very funny that I would purposely shop at AE, and probably even more funny that I would buy anything. Anyway, I’m probably going to regret this once I’m like, 35 years old and still paying off my college loans, but I really did need to do it. AND, what’s more, I only bought one pair of underwear. :star: I usually buy loads of underwear when I shop, but this time I resisted. I mostly got shirts, and then one pair of pants. I’ll post more when I actually receive them in the mail.

I’m going to try and make a new skin for oipom.com today even though the option page to skin the site isn’t even up yet. I’m going to make a “typical personal site” skin – you know the sort. They have two divs, one is like, 150px wide and that’s the nav, and then the other content one is like, 400px wide, and there’s a gigantor image at the top. I’ve never tried that sort before, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And color too, this one will have color. Exciting.

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