January 12, 2005 2:18 pm

The Keyboard Is Buzzing.

:note: Sweet – “Love Is Like Oxygen”

Since I don’t have class until 6pm today, I’m going to work on my JavaScript homework and get that done.

Since Keith switched into the Tuesday morning class instead of today’s, I don’t see him until tomorrow afternoon. :thinking: It’s weird, we didn’t even talk/email over the break at all, and we usually do. Oh well – I can show him my new site developments tomorrow I guess. But that still means that I don’t have anybody I know in my class tonight, because Callie got switched out too. :tear: I’m going to be all alone.

I’m using Daniel’s computer right now, and the keyboard :keyboard: is buzzing at me. :ohmy: I didn’t even know keyboards had things in them that made it possible for them to buzz weirdly. I have to tap it forcefully to get it to stop.

Speaking of Daniel :heartbeat:, he got promoted to “Lead Cashier,” so he gets all sorts of cool things like a pay raise and the authority to perform voids and such. Also, he recently bought some sort of guitar peripheral called a “POD” that lets you choose what brand and year of amplifier you want the guitar to sound like it’s playing through, as well as what speakers and then you can add crazy effects as well. It’s quite the guitar plaything. :roll: I don’t understand it, but he’s very excited so I’m happy for him.

In other news, Joe drew a pretty kickass logo for Battlefrost – I’ll have to scan it soon. Very neat.

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