January 11, 2005 7:43 pm

I Rock + Photos

:note: Rhapsody – “Lamento Eroico”

The computers at the school have finally been updated to Windows XP and 1240×1024 resolution. Thank god. I had my JavaScript class today, and now I can write cool little pop-up alerts, and a script that can change what picture is displayed based on the date. I also bought the $45 book. I figure, JavaScript is universal enough that I’m going to have to know how to do it, and thus the book would be worthwhile. Also, I need it to do my assignments. :thinking:

I showed Tom what I’ve been doing with PHP… He appeared impressed. :) He also gave me a huge compliment – he said something about how in classes there’s usually the people that do okay and then there’s the sort of top group of people that typically do great stuff, and he said I’m definitely in that “top” part. :ohmy: So that’s awesome. *shines nails on shirt* I try.

I’m still going through and adding the right sort of includes that’ll make my site be skinnable, and it seems to be working. I tried to show it to Richard in class, and of course it didn’t work. As soon as he got to the other side of the table, it started working again. Typical. He said it was like the singing frog from the Bugs Bunny cartoons. It works in both IE and in Firefox, so no browser discrepancies there.

Some recent photos for your viewing pleasure:

There’s a whole bunch of these lil’ pink dudes around town. I try to take the stickers home with me if they’ll come off, but sometimes its pretty hard to get them off of whatever they’re stuck to. I have three so far, and I just took a picture of this one. I love them! They’re so cute. I might make a layout with lil’ pinky someday.

That’s actually George Bush’s head, but it got ripped off. You may remember this “starts wars” thing from a while back – I took a picture of one someone spray painted somewhere. This one’s a sticker.

This is written on a building near where I live. What a funny way to express your feelings…

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