January 10, 2005 2:06 pm

First Day Of WI/05

:note: Avantasia – “A New Dimension”

My first day of Intro to Editing went well. This is my schedule for this term:

Meggan’s WI/05 Class Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Intro to Editing
Web Scripting II
Hist. Mat. Cultures II
E-Commerce Business
Project Management

Totally not ideal – I don’t know what I’m going to do about this “every day of the week” thing. :grumbly:

I fixed a bunch of things on my site – there was a CSS discrepancy where it just wouldn’t show up on some of the pages. As it turned out, I’m just a huge moron. :dis: I had just put “graycss.css” as the URL instead of the full http:// path, so whenever any page that was in a folder tried to access the file, it wouldn’t find it because it wasn’t in the same directory. There’s a word for this, I just can’t remember what it is. So that was easily fixed, it just took me a long time to figure out what the problem was. Additionally, I’m finding that a lot of my pages validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. :D I don’t use “Strict” because I find it to be ridiculously so, and it makes pages render differently (it throws in white space between elements, etc) even if the coding is identical to Transitional. My CSS validates fine – I changed a bit of it yesterday – apparently, you’re not allowed to have a div inside of a span. This is probably common sense, but it rendered properly so I didn’t think anything of it. When I went to validate it, that was basically the only problem it found so I just changed the divs to spans, and it looks okay. I’m making pretty error pages because mine are all hideous, and I’m optimizing my coding. :keyboard: My site will be lovely eventually.

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