January 9, 2005 9:54 pm

The Great Room Cleaning Of 2005 Continued…

:note: Tears For Fears – “Break It Down Again”

And so ends The Great Room Cleaning Of 2005. I’m not completely done; I need to vacuum and take out the trash. But that’s basically all that really needs to be done. Hurray! :D I’ll do the remaining stuff tomorrow.

I want to eventually scan a bunch of my pictures that I took with Callie and the ones over Christmas break, and put them in my photography section on my site. I feel bad for neglecting my site… It’s just that I update this journal pretty much every day, and it sort of takes care of things I could put on my actual site. *sigh* Well, the photography section should be updated in the near future anyway.

My first day of school (for the new term) is tomorrow! I have Intro To Editing at 8am. Wish me luck.

On to the end results of The Great Room Cleaning 2005:

a bad view of my room that is now mostly clean. I managed to put away this paper bag of my stuff Callie brought over about three months ago from the old apartment.

my clean bed. It’s sleep-able now.

I totally re-organized this and put my dirty clothes box next to the crates in the corner, and then pulled the gray crates closer to the other stuff so it’s easier to walk through my room. All of my magazines are now under the dirty clothes box as well.

school stuff organized, corner now clean.

closet thing is clean, and I even did my dishes!

It basically took me all day and I didn’t get around to showering, but that’s what tomorrow’s for.

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