January 7, 2005 2:53 pm

The Story Of $100

:note: Avantasia – “Neverland”

I spent a lot of money yesterday. Like, $90. This is the story of my $100 bill that I got for Christmas from my very generous uncle, who is presently working in Iraq doing something with training police, I think.

About $50 of it went to getting my phone:

The background image on my phone is not actually my background image. That was when it was just cycling through all these stock images because I didn’t have any of my own. Right now, it’s a picture of some Tart’n’Tinys that were inside a vending machine thing. Very colorful. :) And not tulips. :dis:

Then, Daniel and I went to 2nd Avenue Records and I got the two Avantasia CDs :cd: that I’ve been wanting for like, three years. I’m listening to the 2nd one now, and its really good. I’m super glad I bought them. Anyway, that cost $30 (I also got a $2 Cherry Poppin’ Daddies CD, the one with “Trapped Inside The Planet Of The Rollerskating Bees”), so there went $80 right there.

Then Callie picked us up to go to Paul’s. After we were there for a while, we went to get some food at Muchos Gracias in Vancouver. That took another $5, and then we went to Safeway and got munchy food for the movies, which took another $5.

We watched Labyrinth and then Shaun of the Dead. In light of that, here are some zombie pictures:




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