January 4, 2005 9:08 am

Waiting (Impatiently) For The FedEx Guy

:note: Borknagar – “Dauden”

I have been awake since about 7am this morning :thinking: and have been sitting here in wait for the FedEx guy since about 7:30. He will not pass me by, oh no. No, I will get my camera today. I take no chances.

I managed to get a comment in at dooce.com at #48, which is super amazing. She has a new masthead/color scheme now. Which reminds me, I totally need to do something about the Christmas layout I have up right now at oipom.com. It’s been past Christmas for some time, and I haven’t done anything about it. Shame on me. :dis:

I just looked up my grades for last term, and they are as follows:

Intro to Video Prod………….B-
Art His: Art & Ideas…………A-
Concept Development…….C
Web Scripting I………………..A
His Mat Cul I…………………….A

I can’t believe I got a C in Concept Development. I mean, I think I know why, and it’s because he’s one of those people that’s like, “If you do everything I ask and do it well, you’ll get a C. If you do the best out of anyone that I have ever seen in my life, you’ll probably get a high B, with chances of getting a low A.” But it still sucks, considering I spent more time and effort on that class than I have for a LONG TIME and I still didn’t even get a C+. Lame.

Intro to Video can be explained by saying that the teacher had never taught before in his life, and graded impossibly hard on what he called “participation” points. Participation, as you may have thought, does not mean showing up to class, being on time, paying attention and doing well. Participation, to him, means that you have to make comments (even mundane, redundant comments) on every single piece that was shown in class, even if someone else has already said what you were going to say. I can’t stand being redundant, so I just didn’t speak up most of the time. That doesn’t define “participation” to me, and I think that’s a totally crap reason to almost give me a C. All of our projects were great and were turned in on time. That’s what should have counted. I got a 100% on the first test and a 90% on the final (because he made an essay worth 50% and five questions worth 10% each, and I happened to miss one of the 10% questions, which was a fill in the blank.), so that’s an A average to start with, and he said our movies were good. So I don’t know.

The other grades are basically what I expected. I suspected I might get a B in Art History because our final wasn’t spectacular, but we apparently did well enough to get an A- I guess.

I’m going to be really mad if this FedEx guy doesn’t show up until, like, 4:30pm. :mad:

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