December 22, 2004 11:56 pm

Waiting For Daniel

:note: the “Maybe This Christmas” CD Callie gave me!

Waiting, waiting waiting for Daniel’s train to get in. I still have three or so hours. :eyeroll: I can’t wait! I went over to Heidi’s today and she was making Christmas presents, so I made one too. I don’t know who I’m going to give it to, though. I saw Jake (her boyfriend :)) and her new puppy Flint, and Meagan H. and Ryanne, and Otis and Knaggs and Travis (…roommate :dis:) and some girl I don’t know named Autumn. I never did see Luikens, but I figure I probably will at some point. Anyway, it was so cool getting to see everybody!

Today was my family’s lefse making party. Nobody knows what lefse is. Go google it. Basically, it’s a big Norwegian tortilla, but it’s made from potato flakes and cream and flour and stuff. You eat them with butter and sugar on top. You butter them and sprinkle sugar on them and then roll them up. They are SO DELICIOUS. Last year, my grandma air mailed my cousin some lefse because she knew my cousin would love it. Of course, it cost her, like, $20 to mail it, but really, money’s not an issue when it comes to lefse. And, my grandma’s a little crazy.

So we had the lefse party at our house because my mom has counter space like no other. I cooked probably 3/4 of all the lefse, because I was apparently the only person (besides my grandma and grandpa) who had ever been an active participant in making lefse before. My grandma’s own sister had never even made it. Nor my mom. My mom had at least seen it made before, though. So I cooked most of it; it’s really easy. I should post the recipe here in case anyone’s interested. Hey, now I can say that I can cook something! :hearts: Lefse! I am a true norwegian! :D

Everything went spectacularly, actually. I took some pictures, but since I’m lame and I don’t have a digital camera, you’ll have to wait until I finish out the roll and then get it developed, which could take weeks. Sorry. Beg my parents to get me a digital camera for Christmas. It is the only thing I asked for.

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