December 19, 2004 12:36 am

Alas, No Photoshop…

:note: Fear Factory – “Slave Labor”

New pants! New pants! :grin: No more holes!

So… yeah. I miss Daniel :heartgrin: a lot already, and I’ve only been gone overnight. I dunno, I’ve gotten pretty used to seeing him every single day, so it’s sorta weird now that I’m not able to. I guess Thursday is only… three? days away? *sigh*
I may finally be catching up to him in the snazzy dressing department. Notice I did not say that I had caught up with him, just that I may be catching up. Some clothes may be headed my way.

So, that Tristania album is totally awesome. I think I already said that somewhere, but I really love it. It has pretty female vocals, sorta opera-esque maybe, and cool things… It’s just great.

Oh, yeah, so remember how I said I was going to bring Photoshop home with me? Yeah, well, I couldn’t find it before I left, so now it isn’t here with me. :grumbly: This may not seem like a big deal, but it was supposed to occupy me in the time between when I get here and when Daniel gets here. And I don’t have it now. :( Lame. Daniel told me today that he knew where it was all along. :mad: It was apparently in the same general area that I was looking, but for some reason I didn’t find it. So here I am, home, and possibly bored, with no Photoshop for two weeks. :shock: I can’t believe that I’m upset about this, but it really was supposed to be the thing that occupied me.

My brother came into the computer room a little while ago and handed me a $20 bill, and said “this is to buy mom a present with.” Which means that it’s from my dad, because that’s sort of how things work around here when it comes to buying my mom xmas presents. Thing is, though, is that I already bought my mom an xmas present. :thinking: And, what’s more, Daniel and I bought it together, basically. So, um, is that bad that I just want to pocket the $20? Callie said to consider it reimbursement, which is sort of what I was thinking as well. What does one do in this situation? Is it morally acceptable to just not mention the fact that I already have a present for her? Because I swear to god I already told my dad once today that it was already taken care of. And do I share it with Daniel? Maybe I should get him something with it; but he already has a lot of presents. Um… I don’t know what to do.

Also, another entry has gone all wonky in my guestbook, and I suspect I’m going to be hijacked again. That’s what happened the first time – something weird happened to an entry in the guestbook, and it was replace with some weird-ass thing in Portugese or something and an animated gif of Kermit and Snoopy… um, being… intimate. Together. Violently. *sigh* How lame. I don’t want to delete all of my nice entries in my g-book, but I really can’t afford to have my site compromised because of some weird insecurities in it. So maybe I’ll just go delete it and get it over with. Does anybody know if I have any other options?

Five days until Christmas! …and basically four or so until I can see Daniel…

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