December 16, 2004 7:16 pm

Done Done Done

:note: My Dying Bride – “Transcending (Into the Exquisite)”

I worked at the school today helping set up the portfolio show. They gave us pizza, so I took some home with me! I realized this morning that my pita bread has all died and gone moldy. :dead: Gross. I had to throw it away. That’s what I get, I guess, for buying food labeled “NO PRESERVATIVES.”

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN, and I think that’s why I never ended up posting anything. I had my CSS class in the morning, and my final went okay, and I turned in my final project. I looked at everybody else’s finals, and I don’t mean to sound like I have a huge ego, but it seemed like mine looked the nicest. Or at least, it looked like I spent the most time on it out of anybody’s. Keith told me that it looked really cool, which is a huge compliment, considering he usually kicks my ass at the design stuff. I did spend an awful lot of time on it, though. I think I may turn it into a layout for this journal, if I can figure out how to do such a thing.

After that class got done, Keith and I spent about two hours trying to study for our History of Material Cultures I final, which was really scary. We did end up getting a kick out of the fact that “caryatids on the Erectheum” sounds like a disease, or at least something very, very perverse.

We took the scary final and got our book projects back. I got a B+ on mine, and she liked the background I used, I guess. Callie and I wandered around and started walking towards home, and then decided to go to Starbucks.

We spent over two hours sitting and talking.

The weird thing, is that I told her I had that freaky snake dream, and she said that she and Paul have each had snake dreams, but on separate nights. Hers was about the most poisonous snake ever, and Paul dreamt that he got bit by a snake and a doctor told him that the poison was liquefying his flesh. Is this the least bit freaky to anyone else? I have a weird dream, and then Callie and then Paul. Eep. :shock:

Anyway, I walked all the way home, and then decided to turn on my phone and I had a voicemail from Abby. I called her and she asked to meet me downtown again :lol: So I put down my backpack and left the house again, and we went to Powells and then a pizza place to get food. We ended up being in the pizza place for over an hour and a half, maybe two hours just talking about EVERYTHING. It was really fun. Then we went to Goodwill to see Daniel, because Abby hadn’t seen him since graduation about a year and a half ago. I got a green jacket because I’ve been wanting a jackety thing for a while. Abby and I ended up coming to my house so I could show her my room :| and then she had to leave.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. :star: I had so much fun catching up with Callie and Abby and talking to Keith and my final project in CSS was good and I found the perfect present for Heidi. Yeah, it was great. And then – get this – I fell asleep BEFORE midnight sometime, and didn’t wake up this morning until 11am. :eyepop: Apparently, I was pretty tired. Over eleven hours of sleep??? That’s… That’s a lot of sleep. I probably needed it though. It felt nice.

Thanks for visiting, Abby. That was awesome! :happyheart: You’re a lot of fun.

In other news, upon doing a google search for “Meggan” I found that I am #5 out of 46,800. I figure that’s pretty good. I’m #1 for “oipom” which is understandable. If you search for my first name and my last name (which I’ve personally never posted on any of my sites) you can find the schedule for when I went to State Competition on French Horn and got 12th place. Woo!

Anyway, I’m working the portfolio show tomorrow on the takedown shift. I’m going to pack and stuff, and then on Saturday I’m getting on the train to go home! I shall be bringing Adobe CS with me because I am nerdy. And I’ll be doing a lot of site updating and hopefully making a new layout for this journal because it’s still the default WP one. Lame-o.

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