December 14, 2004 3:40 pm

Pipe Bombs, Not Pipe Dreams

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Piggy”

The following was written by Daniel:

I’ve had a very interesting work week so far. On Sunday I got to work an there was no power, so we worked in the dark for like two hours before we opened the store. We were still out of power when we opened the store, but luckily it came on not too long after. Later in the day I ended up seeing one of my brother’s friends from Sandpoint, who was just shopping with his wife. I’ve known him since I was like, nine years old! Pretty weird thing to happen.

Monday started off pretty normal, just ringing people up, blah blah blah. But just before 7:00, a co-worker found what could’ve been a pipe bomb! She found it in a backpack under one of the racks of sweaters, so we had to clear all of the customers out of the store, call the police, and finally get ourselves out of the store/potential blast radius. The police said it looked enough like a bomb to warrant calling the bomb squad, so they roped off the area, and sent us all on our way. It must not have been anything too special, because an hour and forty-five minutes later, everything was cleared up.

This week has been very strange, and I’ve only been through the first two days. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to how the rest of the week will go, but it’s sure to be exciting. And all this happened just a week and a half after I had to RUN out of the store and grab a baby girl who ran into traffic! Oh how I love the city…

[/end Daniel]

I :pinkheart: him.

Three classes down, two more to go. And final tests in both, no less. I must go and work on my paper about XHTML and XML. Damn, damn them. :melt:

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