December 11, 2004 1:19 pm

Serpent Shenanigans

:note: Modest Mouse – “The World At Large”

I had a scary dream last night that involved a gigantorly huge snake.

The dream began at night, on a bridge. Somebody was throwing a pen into the water, and it would infallibly land in the water and then bounce right back to us, like skipping a rock but backwards. Bounce, bounce bounce. No matter what side of the bridge you threw the pen on, it would land in one spot and bounce on the water a few times back to us. We thought this was weird. Some time later, I was sitting in a vehicle near a swampy part of the river, and out of the front windshield, illuminated by the headlights, I saw the hugest, most monstrous snake I’d ever seen in my life slither out of the marsh. It was shiny and green, and I could see its eyes glistening in the headlights. I opened my door and yelled to warn everyone. My brother Carson was standing right in the snake’s path. He valliantly went after it to kill it, and I just sat there and watched as he tried to grab it near the head. He did manage to grab it, not as near to the head as would have been ideal, but he at least had ahold of the monster. He wrestled with it, but it eventually overpowered him and bit him on the back of his ankle – his achilles tendon, I suppose. I watched the fangs sink into his ankle and rip out again, and then he must have somehow killed the snake. I don’t remember that part.

Later, I saw its skull on a table, and it was HUGE. At least a foot long and six or so inches wide. Freakishly huge.

I don’t know what it is with me and big animals trying to kill me in my dreams. I once had one where Carson saved me from a mountain lion (cougar). He grabbed my arm and ran with me to my house because I couldn’t run fast enough.

Anyway, at a completely different point and different scene in my dream, I was in the snow. I don’t remember too much about that portion of the dream, but I think it involved an animal as well. A moose, if I remember correctly. I think I was sledding somewhere, but using the sled as a transportation device, much like a snowmobile. I saw a moose and pointed it out to people. Other stuff happened.

I think it would be in order to point out here that, yes, school has me stressed.


from dreamdoctor
SNAKE: Archetypal symbol of the life force, strongly associated with psychological growth and healing. Because snakes shed their skin, ancients believed they never died, and held the key to eternal life. In yogic practices the serpent energy (kundalini) lays coiled at the base of the spine, rising through the chakras (subtle energy centers of the body), with growth and spiritual development.
Owing to Biblical teachings, snakes also can represent deception, betrayal, and temptation—and people who speak with “a forked tongue.” (Liars.) Fears of being bitten by a snake (or snakes), reflect fears of emotional injury or attack in waking life. Snakes may function as phallic symbols due to their shape. Caring for a snake in a dream indicates a positive relationship with creative energy.

SIBLING: To see your sibling in your dream, indicates unresolved issues with your sibling. Consider their actions in your dream and how it may be a reflection of your own self and your character.

SIZE:To dream about the size of something, represents the importance we attach to objects and person. It also relates to the degree of power you are exerting and the power others have on you. According to Freudian school of thought, the size of an object, signifies the size of someone’s penis, perhaps your own or your lover.

from dreammoods
SNAKE: To see a serpent in your dream, signifies high intellectual power, deception, and the balance of good and evil.

WOUND: Observing a wound on a person you know is a recognition of emotional injury or weakness in that person.

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