December 6, 2004 6:34 pm

Avoiding Homework

:note: Carnivore – “Sex and Violence”

:sigh: I don’t know what it is lately, but I just don’t feel compelled to actually do my homework. I know it’s due, and I know I need to finish it, but I just do other things instead. Like this. Why am I posting here when I should be making my book for Mat. Cultures?

I have a video shooting date for my final! :film: Friday at 12pm. With the 24p camera that looks more like film, and with Tony helping. And checking out the camera. Yay!

I did laundry today (something productive, wow!) and made some macaroni and cheese that actually turned out pretty well. I mean, not that it normally doesn’t, because it does, it’s just that sometimes the water gets really… starchy, I guess. So it’s all weird and sludgy when you try to drain the water. Why does this happen? I dunno. But this stuff came out okay. And I’ve been drinking orange juice all day.

I want an iPod. I’m using Daniel’s right now, basically just for fun, but I think I need one. I want a digital camera worse, but an iPod would be spectacular – and a 40GB one at that, none of this sissy 15GB stuff. Psshhh. If I’m going to spend hundreds of dollars on an mp3 player I want one that’ll hold as much data as I can throw at it.

All I’ve asked for for Xmas from my parents is a digital camera. Hopefully they’ll come through… and hopefully it isn’t too sucky… I’m not anticipating that it would be, it’s just that my parents have a habit of… well, if I want something and they can’t afford it, instead of just not getting it and saying “No, maybe next year,” they get me the cheap knockoff of what I really wanted. I am grateful for the stuff, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that instead of still buying me something, but it being the lesser, knockoff version, I wish they just wouldn’t get it at all and tell me so. Seriously. Because once it’s purchased, there’s NO CHANCE of getting the “right” version, because they’ve spent the money on the knockoff already. I won’t go into too much more detail, but this has happened so many times. It’d be like if I asked for an iPod and they got me a 128MB WalMart mp3 player. This hasn’t happened, but I also haven’t asked for an iPod. I mean, I love ’em to death and my parents are usually fantastic at presents, except for just this one fault.

Anyway, I should go; there’s so much stuff I need to do still.

Peter Steele has a fucking amazing voice. :ton::redheart:

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