December 5, 2004 6:05 pm

Stephen Lynch

:note: Stephen Lynch – “Superhero”

Stephen Lynch’s “Live at the El Ray” DVD is so, so awesome.

Some sample quotes from

Quension | in other news, I actually had a user read my away message (which was “idle”)
Quension | unfortunately, there was a problem
Quension | [crizza] ctc
Quension | [crizza] asl plsssss.
Quension | [crizza] wat’s idle
Quension | [crizza] i cant umderstand

[NES] lol
[NES] I download something from Napster
[NES] And the same guy I downloaded it from starts downloading it from me when I’m done
[NES] I message him and say “What are you doing? I just got that from you”
[NES] “getting my song back fucker”

[jeebus] the “bishop” came to our church today
[jeebus] he was a fucken impostor
[jeebus] never once moved diagonally

[Fashykekes] Capitalization is the difference between “I had to help my uncle Jack off a horse..” and “I had to help my uncle jack off a horse..”

[Hiroe] he was dressed as a big fuckin devil
[Hiroe] like, HUGE costume
[Hiroe] 8-foot lizard wings, giant horns on the head
[Hiroe] at some anime con in california
[Hiroe] they were double booked with a southern Baptist group in the same hotel
[Hiroe] he’s riding the elevator down to the con space
[Hiroe] doors open, little old baptist woman standing there
[Hiroe] he just says “Going Down” in his best evil voice

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