December 4, 2004 12:52 pm

Goddamned Cereal Flake.

:note: some Metallica song on the radio

Talk about stupid injuries. Wanna hear mine? I cut the corner of my mouth (ow, I know) on a goddamned CEREAL FLAKE. I was tasting my cereal dry, and I brought a little bunch of flakes up to my mouth and almost missed it and ended up slicing the corner of my mouth with one of them. :( It’s a stupid injury, but comparable to having a papercut on the corner of your mouth. It hurts.

I have realized that I initially spelled Aleister Crowley’s name incorrectly (as Alestair) in my previous post, so I fixed it. Daniel keeps singing this song from “Cannibal! the Musical” (by Trey Parker and Matt Stone) that goes something like, “The sky is blue, and all the trees are green, my heart’s as full as a baked potato.” I assume this song is where they get the South Park joke of replacing Kenny’s heart with a baked potato.

Upon doing some tour research, I found that the last time Rammstein was in Portland was on July 06, 2001. Maybe they’ll decide to do a North America tour this/next year, due to the fact that they have a song called “Amerika” on their new album. I can only hope. I’ve been looking at their merchandise site, and they actually have a very respectable women’s section. I really want the black “Denn du bist was du isst” sweatshirt, the gray Heirate Mich shirt, and I kinda want the black Reise Reise “sweatjacket” thingy.

I panicked yesterday upon realizing that my final project in History of Material Cultures is due this Wednesday. I must go do some sketches of entrances to buildings. I need to talk to Callie, and Keith needs to return my email. I also need to do some more Christmas shopping.

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