December 4, 2004 10:49 pm

Baby Savin’ Boyfriend

:note: Edward Norton getting the shit kicked out of him in the movie “The Score”

Today at work, Daniel was behind the counter at the glass case. He happened to look out the front doors and saw a little girl running towards the street. He dropped what he was doing and ran out from behind the counter and out into the parking lot. The girl, who was about two years old, had run into the street. This street, mind you, is four lanes wide and very, very busy. Cars were honking at her and by the time Daniel made it outside, she was already headed back to the parking lot, panicked and crying, so he picked her up and carried her inside.

Once inside, they made an announcement over the intercom asking the parents of the little girl to come and pick her up at the front counter. They had no idea she had even run off in the store, much less had run into the street. I guess the dad came up and was like, “Hey, you’re supposed to be with your mom!” and took her back. Later, Daniel saw the mom shopping and she had two other kids with her. So he was pissed off, because the dad was just like, here, be responsible for all three kids at once even though I could help keep track of them as well. And the fact that they were so ambivalent about the fact that they had let their poor little daughter run off.

Daniel was obviously very shaken for the rest of the day. :ohmy: Totally understandable, I think. If you ask him about it, he’ll tell you that he really didn’t do much of anything except for carry her into the store. Which, granted, may be somewhat accurate, but what if he hadn’t even seen her in the first place? Daniel said she had made it to the yellow lines in the middle of the road before she turned around. He says the real hero is the guy in the car that was already stopped, waiting to turn into the parking lot. The guy would have totally hit her had he not already been stopped.

Scary stuff. I gave him a big hug when he told me that. I’m glad to have a boyfriend that’ll leave work and run outside to grab a runaway toddler. I’m really proud of him. :redheart:

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