December 3, 2004 7:53 pm

Shopping Extravaganza

:note: KMFDM – “Bargeld”

I bought some luggage today in order to transport all of my belongings to Idaho for Xmas break. Cost me $40, but it’s a big one with a smaller one included and a cosmetic travel bag thing. It was originally going to be $79.99 but it was on sale for 1/2 off. Woo! :D

Daniel’s in the basement/kitchen/laundry room, babysitting his laundry (you’ll recall that a bunch of his shirts got stolen), baking a freezer pumpkin pie, listening to his iPod (because he’s cool and has one) and reading a book about Aleister Crowley. Who says men can’t multi-task? :heartgrin:

Meanwhile, I’m …I’m… I’m on the computer. We were shopping all day today and my feet hurt. I got stuff for my mom and grandma, and my luggage. I already have some stuff for Daniel and one thing for one of my brothers. Daniel and I also went to this big huge Goodwill, and I found two more of my super-ly awesome cups! Nobody knows what I’m talking about!

Well, once upon a time at the Goodwill in Sandpoint, I found these awesome cups. There were four of them – a 12 oz. blue one, green one and orange one, and a 16 oz blue one. I’ve never seen them for sale anywhere, but I recently discovered that they’re frightfully expensive normally and the website for them is I’m in love with these cups. Chloe stole my midgie blue one from me when she moved out, and I’m still really mad about it. I loved that cup. Anyway, the main problem with the ones I found today? They’re golf related. Note the picture to the left. This is the exact cup. Except instead of paying $36 for four of them, I got two of them for .98 cents. Woo! Hideous, I know, but I’m in love with the cups. I can ignore the golf.

I passed my camera test today! I only missed two this time, instead of half of the back page. So I can check out a DV500 camera from the school to do my project with. Yay! :D

As soon as Daniel gets done babysitting his laundry and baking a pie (:lol: I swear to god, he’s SO much more domestic than I am), we’re going to watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and drink Mountain Dew.

I learned how to code some XML in class last Wednesday. Not that anybody probably cares, but it’s like writing your own coding language. You can make up tags like < fish > and beneath that put < salmon > and < trout > and then define those things with CSS and IT’S SO MUCH FUN. *nerd alert* :oops:

Oregon Chai is delicious. Yum.

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