December 2, 2004 9:56 pm

E-Commerce Business

:note: Paul Gunter – “Bellydancing Fantasy Girl”

My classes have been figured out. I signed up for E-Commerce Business instead of the one that got cancelled. So now, my schedule will be:

Monday 8am: Intro to Editing :sad:
Tuesday 12:45pm: Web Scripting II :D
Wednesday 6pm: History of Material Cultures II :|
Thursday 12:45pm: E-Commerce Business :)
Friday 6pm: Project Management :|

class. every. day. of. the. week. :sigh: never had that before.

E-Commerce teaches you ASP shopping cart type database coding. I’m probably totally getting myself in WAAAY over my head, but KEITH will be in that class! So we’ll have a class together! Yay! This is especially important because he’s going to be graduating the term after next. And I have much more of an interest in coding than he does, so maybe we can collaborate. I’m going to miss him when he graduates. :tear:

I explained to my department director the fact that if I’m going to take classes outside of my major, I want them to be Graphic Design, not DMP. And she totally understood, which is great. I actually really like her, I think. She isn’t like the first guy we had. He’d say something to you, and you’d answer, and he’d sit there and look at you with this weirdly huge grin on his face for a while longer after you’d answer. It was really unnerving. It’s like he was waiting for you to make your next move. Creepy.

Just as a side note, Jennifer from kiss-my-kitty helped me figure out how to make my forum so that you can only post if you’re registered or logged in. Awesome!

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