December 1, 2004 7:25 pm

People Like My Designs!

:note: Fear Factory – “Slave Labor”

Apparently, my Concept Development teacher really liked my Identity Packaging project. He told Callie and Paul that while I may have missed the mark a little on what he was going for in the assignment, mine was one of his favorites. :D :D :D Also, he showed Callie and Paul’s class the first project I did, the Wheaties box one. Apparently, he liked that one a lot as well. :tongue: Yay!

For my homework in my CSS class we had to design a homepage for an online photo supply store. I liked mine, but I wasn’t too sure how it would hold up during a critique. As it turned out, mine was on the better end of the scale, which surprised me. It was awesome, but it surprised me. So maybe I do have some potential! ;)

For some comic relief, visit thechristiansoldier. Here’s just a tidbit of their views:

“It’s as if Christians simply don’t care that legalized gay marriage is the final nail in the coffin of God’s precious design for the family.”

:loco: Get over yourselves. Legalizing gay marriage won’t change heterosexual people’s ability to get married. They also talk about how liberals have absolutely no morals:

“Having a moral compass means, on a basic level, that you have some fixed values and principles by which you live your life. People with moral values place a high priority on things like integrity and compassion (see Bush’s faith-based initiative), personal responsibility (see creating personal medical savings accounts & partially privatizing social security), hard work (see government slashing taxes so you keep what you earn), faith in God (see efforts to keep “under God” in our pledge) and family (see no child left behind or the Federal Marriage Amendment).”

This is more or less a valid argument, but it is SUCH a gross generalization. Just because I’m a godless infidel doesn’t mean that I don’t have any morals. I’m a very moral person. They’re equating not being Christian to being unimaginably evil. Also, you want to talk about compassion, and you use Bush as an example of that? Compassion, as defined by, means a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. Personally, I don’t think Bush has a deep awareness of anything, much less the suffering of another and the wish to relieve it.

I find this site personally insulting. :sigh:

Oh, god, our Multimedia department is totally screwing us over. At first, we heard that they cancelled 8 out of 18 of our available classes. That’s almost HALF of the available ones we can take. Later on in the day, we learned that it was 4 for sure, and I don’t know about the other four. So now, my Fundamentals of Computer Based Training class doesn’t exist, and I have to find something to replace it with. Or I guess I could just take 4 classes, but why take only four if I can handle five? The class I want to take in place of it is called E-Commerce Business, and you learn ASP and how to make shopping carts and things. CODING!

I’m just so freakin’ pissed that they’d do this. I swear to god they hate our major. First, our department director “leaves to pursue other career interests,” then they change the name of the major from Multimedia & Web Design to Interactive Media Design, then one of our two full-time Multimedia teachers “leaves to pursue other career interests” (which is apparently the school’s crappy euphemism for “he got fired”), and we got a new department director, and then we got another one because that one got promoted, and now they’re trying to cancel a whole shitload of our classes. I mean, for as much as I love this school, this is just fucking ridiculous. :mad:

They also want me to take more DMP (video) classes, and that’s totally not the area that I want to specialize in. If I wanted to take classes outside of my major, I’d at least make them Graphic Design classes. Basically, if this school let you have a minor in something, my minor would be in Graphic Design. DMP is just not the direction I want to go in. I totally consider myself a much stronger graphic designer than a video person, and it’s just where I want to go. I want to have a strong background in Graphic Design – I personally feel it makes you a much better web designer if you know what you’re doing in GD. So I have to talk to my department director (whoever it might be this week :roll: ) and see what I can do about that.

I still can’t believe they canceled so many classes. How utterly lame of them. :grumbly:

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