November 29, 2004 1:53 pm

Ich werde immer bei dir sein.

:note: Rammstein – “Dalai Lama”

Not a WHOLE lot to talk about… Two new videos are up on my projects page, one is of (brother) Paul singing a song about the bellydancer at Thanksgiving, and the other is an Intro to Video project entitled “Drop and Cower.” It’s pretty awesome.

As you can see, I’m still listening to Rammstein. It’s becoming addicting.

I still need to finish my Identity Packaging project and then start on my CSS assignment for this week. AND look up some of Robert Rauschenberg’s images for Art History. *sigh* Things aren’t going as poorly as they used to be.

Um, the two blogs I read daily haven’t been updating as frequently recently, and I’m lost without them. I realize that they have kids and kids make it difficult to post on a regular basis, but… I need distractions from schoolwork. I’m kidding of course, but I do feel sort of lost without having something new to read every day.

I decided that over break, I’m going to make a bunch of templates for snackbite, my lil’ forum. It’ll be great. I’ll have time to mess with things and make images… OHMYGOD. I just realized I’ll be at home, and I won’t have Photoshop! :grumbly: well, maybe I’ll be a huge nerd and bring the CD with me to install… God, I can’t even survive less than two weeks without Photoshop. Um, maybe I’ll make… no… I’ll totally have to bring it with me. Lame-o. :dis: My nerdiness is hereby set in stone. I am bringing a computer program on vacation with me.

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