November 28, 2004 2:50 pm

So Many Things To Talk About…

:note: Rammstein – “Morgenstern”

Daniel’s family :pinkheart: just left; his mom and Paul have about a 7 to 8 hour drive back to Sandpoint, and Gretchen has a maybe 4 hour drive. They’re going to call when they get home. Daniel had to be at work at 10am today, so he’ll be home at like, 6:35pm or so. Early. Yay!

I vacuumed my room today, and it was the first time I’d done it since I moved in here two months ago. :ohmy: Gross, I know. It looks a lot better, but the vacuum didn’t pick up a lot of the hair on the floor and I shed a lot. Again, gross, I know. But it is better.

This new Rammstein CD :cd: is pretty sweet. So far, I haven’t heard any songs that I’m like, OHMYGOD THIS IS AWESOME, but overall it’s a pretty solid CD. There’s a song about that guy in Germany who volunteered to be slaughtered by some other German dude, and the killer guy cut off the victim’s penis and they ate it together. Ew. :thinking: I think I like this CD better than “Mutter,” basically because it’s not as… well, it’s heavier, I think. They seem to be phasing out their electronic stuff more and more with every CD, but on Mutter they totally went sappy too. This is tighter, I think. However, like I said, there haven’t been any real standout songs to me. On Herzeleid, they had “Seeman,” on Sehensucht there was “Du Hast” and “Spiel Mit Mir” and “Engel” and a bunch of others. On Mutter, there was “Zwitter,” and I just haven’t found one on Reise Reise yet. “Amerika” is pretty good. I dunno.

I put up a Christmas layout on, so you can go see that now. I should pay somebody to skin my site. I just don’t know if I can do it.

Oh man, we rented Hedwig and the Angry Inch the other day! :) I absolutely love that movie. I have a picture of John Cameron Mitchell as the background on my computer now. He’s cute. And he makes a believable woman in the movie, which is the weird thing. On a “behind the making of Hedwig” thingy on the DVD, somebody was like, “Yeah, John was great because he has the perfect idealized woman’s body. He has no hips and he fits into a women’s size 4/6.” And it’s TOTALLY TRUE. The first time I saw that movie, I was like, man, he totally has the body thing going for him. I think he’s gay in real life, too, which is awesome, and it just makes Hedwig that much more interesting. I totally want that movie for Christmas.

My internet has totally been stupid today. It keeps saying the line is busy and then if I do get online, the connection will just slow to a stop and I’ll reconnect, and it’s still sluggish.

OHMYGOD, I can’t belive I forgot about this until just now. Paul wrote a song :guitar: about Thanksgiving dinner that is the greatest Thanksgiving dinner song ever. His mom recorded it using that camera I talked about earlier. I’m going to put it on my projects page because, while I didn’t really have a lot to do with it, it is TOTALLY worth the download. It’ll be a sorta big file, about 7.5MB, but it is about a 5.5 minute movie. It’s Paul with an acoustic guitar, singing “Bellydancing Fantasy Girl.”

According to him, a studio version should be available soon. I’ll put that up for download as well. I’ll also have a lyrics page for it sometime, probably around the time I get the studio version of the song up. But seriously, go download the freakin’ video.

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