November 26, 2004 11:32 am

Thanksgiving Dinner Story – Complete With Pictures!

:note: Johnny Cash – “Hurt”

We went to a place called Marrakesh. Eventually, I’m going to scan the menu (they had mini ones you could take) so I can point out what we had, but we basically picked out our own main dish, and then they gave us “Traditional Lentil Soup,” “Salads Marrakesh,” and “B’stilla Royale.” The B’stilla Royale thing was kinda weird – it had chicken and eggs and walnuts and stuff inside of it, and then it was wrapped in Phyllo dough and topped with powdered sugar :wtf: and cinnamon. It sounds really really weird, but I promise it tasted okay. And I don’t like anything, so I’m trustworthy. I ended up ordering the “Catch of the Day” which was Salmon. Everybody said my dish was the spiciest, :roll: which was ironic because I can’t handle spicy things well at all. It tasted awesome, but it was trying to kill me the whole night.

They had us “wash” our hands before eating by putting them on the edge of this basin-ish thing where they poured warm water over them with a kettle. Right before dessert (some white pudding stuff with coconut on top and the mint tea) they had shaker things (you can actually see one in the waiter picture) that the waiter used to sprinkle rose water on our hands. My hands smelled very strongly of roses for the whole rest of the night.

Here are some pictures from dinner yesterday:

This is Daniel :pinkheart: and I, and it’s actually a decent picture of the both of us. Amazing!
dan and meggan

This is Daniel’s brother Paul, showing off his Cous Cous Marrakesh.

Our freakin’ AWESOME waiter! You can’t see the tea kettle here, but he was holding it up by his head and pouring us some mint tea. He even stopped long enough to let Sharon grab the camera. He probably made a comment about bread, because that was the running joke ALL NIGHT.

Daniel’s mom. She had Brochette Marrakesh. Basically chicken shishkabobs, Moroccan style.

Gretchen (Daniel’s sister) had Apricot Chicken. I didn’t like it as much as all the other stuff I tried, but it wasn’t terrible. She said the apricots were really sticky.

We wouldn’t let Sharon take a picture of the bellydancer, because we felt like it would have been disrespectful. I dunno, I mean, she’s dressed provocatively and gyrating around… Maybe it would have been okay. I don’t know. So we didn’t, but Paul stuffed some money into her skirt thingy, and I almost died laughing because he was being so comical about the whole thing. I think the dancer got a kick out of it.

The whole atmosphere of the place was awesome. Dinner was pretty expensive, but I think it was worth it for the whole experience. If you’re in Portland and looking for some awesome Moroccan food, I definitely recommend Marrakesh.

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