November 25, 2004 1:02 am

Happy Thanksgiving!

:note: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – “Have Nagila”

I realize it’s only, like, 51 minutes into the day, but since I’m up, I thought I’d post. Daniel’s sister Gretchen showed up at my door earlier today totally unexpectedly. She stopped by Daniel’s place of employment and told him she was here, but nobody told me so it caught me completely by surprise. We hung out for while and talked and stuff. I didn’t even know she was going to hang out with us for Thanksgiving. We’re going to go to a Moroccan restaurant, I think, just to buck tradition. :)

And then his mom and brother Paul got here a few hours ago. They’re currently unloading their car, because Sharon (his mom) decided to bring her computer. :loco: It isn’t a laptop or anything; it’s an Apple eMac. A desktop computer. Daniel and I each have our own computers, but apparently she wanted hers, so it’s here now. I think it’s great, because it just goes to show that I’m in good company. The day I start hauling my non-laptop computer around with me, you’ll know where I get it. :happyheart: His family is great. :heartbeat:

Callie and (friend)Paul are on their way to California right now to eat a deep fried turkey. :ohmy: Yes, you read that right. Deep fried turkey. Daniel says that they’re actually good, but all I can think is INSTANTANEOUS HEART DISEASE. Eeeesh. She said she’s going to tell me how it goes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out my index page for the new seasonal layout. I have a christmas one I’m going to put up later. Too bad I can’t figure out skinning or you’d be able to pick what one you want. All in good time.

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