November 23, 2004 4:45 pm

Weirdness of the World

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Hurt”

I have heard/seen so many weird things today/lately. I shall list them for you, just for fun. :tongue:

1. This one tops the freakin’ list: I don’t even know what to say in reference to it, except that a) this person thinks they’re a dragon or thinks they can shape-shift into a dragon, which totally goes against his very anti-occult way of thinking; b) this person is a crazed fundamentalist who, despite this devotion to the spiritual world and all that is good, admits to dabbling in the occult, having homoerotic fantasies and basically admits to watching porn by offering his insightful opinions about lesbian sex in porns, which he thinks is boring. :| ; and c) he seems to still be very upset about people making fun of him for his D&D characters when he was younger. I’m serious, this guy is a fucking riot. You have to see it to believe it.

2. Courtesy of KATU News, mother cuts off baby’s arms. I kid you not. The baby was 11 months old and died in the hospital. I realize she suffered from PPD, but that’s still a horrible, horrible thing to do to someone.

3. Some guy yesterday gestured to his ears and shook his head no, which I took to mean that he was deaf, and held out a piece of paper that said, “Spare some change for a coffee?” Jesus, if people will give strangers money for coffee, I should have a sign that says, “Spare some change to pay for college?”

4. Um, Our Hero of the Peace? *blinks* Peace? Seriously? Our Hero of the Peace? Somebody doesn’t read the news… They also quote someone about why they were protesting Bush, and it was because of the environment, so the site called the person a “Stupid tree-hugger” and said “A Masters in Ecology? What a waste of an education!” …Um, well, I’d like to have a clean world to live in, thanks. They also Photoshopped John Kerry’s head onto some fairy girl’s body and called him “John Fairy Kerry.” At least fight fairly, people. Yes, and they also have an action figure for Flight Suit Bush. Jesus fucking christ, people! The flight suit was a prime target for public mockery, not praise.

5. Barbie and Ken broke up, apparently. Some girl in my Con. Dev. class today (wherein I gave my 15 minute presentation) didn’t know that and some guy told her it was “soooo six weeks ago.” Funny stuff.

6. I did well on my 15 minute presentation, I think. My teacher said I did, and he seemed interested in good ol’ Eduardo Recife. Who is in fact, very awesome. You should check him out.

7. We got an extension on our Identity Packaging assignment, thank god, because I didn’t do it. It was due today and I just didn’t get around to it. He said for everyone to revise their ideas and push the envelope and just go all out. I was so intent on finishing that goddamned final presentation that I totally ignored the weekly assignment, and he refuses to take late work, so this is quite possibly the luckiest thing to happen to me in a LONG time.

…the end, I guess.

So, my stress level will hopefully go down, considering I don’t have to worry about a final project in that class anymore. I got a C+ on my “Time” project, which I guess makes sense… I had an okay idea (not a great one, but decent) but I didn’t execute it as well as I probably could have. It was kind of a crap job, so I’m not surprised, though I wish he would have just given me a B- and made me feel better. But it isn’t like I feel like I’ve been gypped, so that’s okay.

I’m just so fucking glad I have the opportunity to actually do the Identity Packaging project.

I have to work on a thingybob for my CSS class. I have to redesign a site and code the CSS for it, except for some reason the internet won’t take me there. Lame-o. Maybe I’ll mess with my I.P. project!

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