November 22, 2004 2:33 pm

School’s Open Until 11:45pm

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “A Warm Place”

And we were there until midnight. I’m going to let that sink in for a bit. :thinking:


Todd and I were at the school until midnight trying to finish our goddamned intro to video :film: project. It was a parody of the old “duck and cover” propaganda films from the fifties that instruct you on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. Ours was “Drop and Cower” in the event of an Al Qaida attack. And it was awesome. It’s just too bad I’m totally zonked out today and running on empty. My brain hurts. I know that sounds stupid, but I swear to god, my brain physically hurts. I felt like I was going to have an aneurism yesterday working on that goddamned movie. Eventually, I’ll have a downloadable copy of this new movie for all that are interested.

Work is still continuing on my 15 minute presentation. I dont know exactly what I want to talk about, but I want to go first so he doesn’t have anybody to compare me to, and I can be the guinea pig. I also have a weekly project due, and it’s going to be one of those things where I have a great idea but my work totally doesn’t reflect that. It’s not quite the, “had a great idea and didn’t execute it well” because I know how I would execute it, but I don’t have the materials readily available. *sigh* so I guess it is sort of the “didn’t execute it well” syndrome, but I have this great idea and for lack of resources it isn’t going to look how I want it to. Fucking school.

It’s not looking like Daniel and I are going to be able to travel together for xmas break. :tear: The train is so expensive on the dates that we want to leave that it would be cheaper to fly, but if I adjust the dates a little, then it’s a lot less expensive. Daniel can’t move the dates because of the days he’s taking off of work. He only has so many days off, and has to travel within that window. So he’s stuck to those dates and may end up flying, and I’m not stuck so I’ll probably take the train by myself again. That’s stupid. :( I was really looking forward to going with him, for some reason. It’s sort of like, “hey, we’re a real couple – we even travel together!” sort of thing. I guess it isn’t a big deal in the whole scheme of things, but it is sad.

I’m kind of running in that “just shoot me now” mode. I’m so sick of school, I’m sick of schoolwork, I’m sick of stress, I’m sick of trying to be creative. My brain hurts, and I just want to sleep but I can’t because I have projects to do. :melt:

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