November 18, 2004 3:27 pm

Cleanliness is next to Godliness… so by this point, I must be Satan.

:note: Presidents of the U.S.A. – “Naked and Famous”

I did laundry yesterday and Daniel :heartgrin: did ALL of both of our dishes. I have things to eat off of now! And clothes to wear! I was starting to get desperate. Re-using forks and t-shirts and stuff. Eep.

I got a Fred Scheider CD :cd: at Goodwill yesterday for 99 cents. He’s the singer guy from the B-52’s, in case you didn’t know. He’s awesome.

I figured out what I’m going to do for my “Identity Packaging” project for Concept Development, so I just have to actually DO the project now. And I found the images I want to use for my 15 minute presentation on Tuesday, I just have to write the whole thing out. :dis:

On a completely different note, what has happened to Christian Ricci? :wtf: I mean, I know she’s always struggled with her weight, but this is f-ing ridiculous:
I found that on the MSN Celebs undressed thing, and it looks like she hasn’t eaten in weeks. Disgusting. I really like her as an actress, but christ, she needs to get some help for this.

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