November 17, 2004 5:01 pm

Overwhelmed, In Every Sense of the Word


Um, I think this term is going to give me a nervous breakdown. Keith suggested today that maybe the reason I haven’t been sleeping well is because I’m stressed. I hadn’t realized it before, but DUH. :dis: I AM SO STRESSED OUT.

I have SO MUCH TO DO for school, and here I am posting. WTF am I doing? I have no time management skills – that’s my first problem. My second problem is all the schoolwork I have. I just got ANOTHER assignment today. Thankfully it’s in my CSS class, so it’s mostly do-able, but god. I think I might just die.

Daniel had three of his shirts stolen from the last time he did laundry. :rage: One shirt wasn’t even his, it was Joe’s Poison the Well sweatshirt. The other two were his Shai Hulud one and his Sisters of Mercy one. He put up signs all around our building saying that if anybody found them or mistakenly took them with their laundry, could they please return them. I feel so bad for him, not only because they were cool shirts, but because those were some of the newest ones that he had bought for himself and one wasn’t even his. We suspect one particular person in the building, because he likes the same sort of music and has similar shirts. I mean, it might not be him, but why the fuck would you steal a shirt of a band you don’t even like? To sell it? What’s the point? :( Poor Daniel.

I had another peppermint mocha from Starbucks today and it was just as delicious as the last time. Yum. :hearts:

We had to fill out a survey in my CSS class today, and then in History of Material Cultures, there was the SAME SURVEY. However, the nice lady said that if we had already taken one today we didn’t have to do it again. This meant that I had a half an hour break right at the very start of class. :D How awesome is that? Keith and I went to Powell’s Bookstore and checked out some sarcastic astrology stuff. His said that he was pretty much a heartless bastard, but was “annoyingly good looking.” :roll: Mine said I was a whiner and that the body part that’s associated with me are breasts. If you know me, this is hilarious. I promise. It was really funny.

I’m trying out some new smilies, so hopefully I don’t mess up my vars.php file again and have to re-upload it. :note: :fish: :guitar:

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