November 14, 2004 11:58 am

My Server Was Hacked!

So, apparently my server got hacked by someone, and that’s what caused all of my index pages to disappear and be replaced with good ole’ Yasser Arafat. *sigh* I sent an upset email to cyberpixels because so far, they’ve been great, but this is just sad. I don’t know what they can do about it or anything, but I told them that so far I’ve been happy, but this is just ridiculous. If I can’t expect my index pages (or my whole site, for that matter) to stay intact, what’s the point of staying with them?

Jim from seduced-boards told me what had probably happened:

The server you’re using was hacked my friend. There are many hackers, like these, called script kiddies. They use scripts/programs designed to exploit a bug on a server. and typically just scan a bunch of servers hoping to find one vulnerable. Obviously yours was. I would back up all your data now. These kids usually just deface the index with the equivalent of digital graffiti, then they post it on defacement archive sites…for an ego thing. Even though they just changed your index, they probably have the whole server bugged with a “rootkit” which is a backdoor that usually let’s them conrol the server remotely.

Back up all your data and complain very strongly to your hosting provider. The only sure method of cleaning the machine, is to completely reformat it.

Other hacked sites:

So I went to that website and searched for “oipom,” and I found the exact “account” thing of the guy who infiltrated my server. Fucker. :mad: Why my poor little site? It’s not like I get a huge amount of traffic, so putting up this tribute to Yasser Arafat on my index pages isn’t really going to get it seen. Why bother? I mean, Jim said it was just because my server was vulnerable… but why does it have to be my server? :dis: No good.

I generated a backup of my files and then downloaded it (24MB, talk about a long download on dial-up) so hopefully if anything bad happens, I have my site backed up.

Speaking of dial-up…
Daniel happened to talk to our landlord, Davis, the other day and Davis mentioned that there’s actually a wireless network in our building already. He and another guy who live here share a DSL line, so if Daniel or I had a wireless card, we’d be able to use it and we’d just have to pitch in a little money each month to help cover it. He also offered satellite TV, but Daniel’s never home to watch it and I don’t watch a lot of TV anyway. I mean, it’d be neat, but not really worth the extra $20 or so that we’d have to pay for it. So yeah, I might be able to get DSL soon, and that would be absolutely fucking great. Always be online… Fast connection… :) I hope I can find a cheap wireless card and maybe it’ll happen!

On a completely different note, I can’t wait to go home for Christmas. For some reason, it just seems like it’ll be really really fun.

I really need to find time to try and install some PHP scripts I’ve downloaded. I want to have a PHP form mail thing on my contact page so people don’t have to open up their email accounts just to send me a little message. I want to have a “currently” thing on (I think) this journal section, and I want to change my fanlisting over to PHP and use the PHPfanbase script thing to run it. I need to go to Kinko’s.

I need to start my day, for chrissakes.

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