November 10, 2004 6:07 pm


I have a cold. :( This is rather unpleasant, but I’m assuming it’s because school is stressing me out and my immune system is down. I bought some Tropicana Orange/Tangerine juice to drink because it sounded DELICIOUS, and it is. I’ve been drinking it like crazy.

At least I got my “advising” done for my schedule so I don’t have to come in Thursday at 1:30 like I was going to earlier. At Ai, when you get the okay to pick up your degree audit to find out what classes you need to take, you have to get your schedule plan signed by your “academic advisor.” I don’t know if this is at all similar to other colleges because this is the only one I’ve ever been to, but your advisor is the head of your department, aka your major. So I’m majoring in Multimedia & Web design, and there’s a person that sort of oversees the goings on of that dept. Anyway, they have to approve your schedule before you can actually sign up for classes.

The MMWD dept has been through a lot of changes lately and so we have the same dept head as the video people. So this poor lady has twice the people coming to her as other majors, and it’s just a hassle because you have to come in at weird times (because they’re never available during convenient times) to get a fucking signature.

So today, Tom (main MM teacher, the one that I’ve had eight million times :roll: ) said, “Hey, if any of you have your schedules, I can sign them off for you if you want.” Like, half the class (including me) got him to sign theirs so now we don’t have to make appointments with the actual dept head. Yay! :) Saves me some time at least.

I need to remember to get my train tickets to go home for christmas. Daniel and I are going to go together! :heartgrin: I’ll have company on the train for once, so maybe it won’t be as painfully boring.

This TV On The Radio group is really fucking awesome. I’m SO GLAD I got their CD.

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