October 29, 2004 9:27 pm

I Voted!

kerry president

no amend

In other news, the Karate Zombie movie :film: will be available for download/viewing probably tomorrow. I’m in the process of uploading the versions now; I have a version for viewing on the internet, and I have a version available for download (which is a lot better, and bigger). I’m hoping it won’t take up all of my space on my site.

I bought the Borknagar CD “Quintessence.” :cd: I only have “Empiricism” and Daniel has their self-titled one (which I’m very jealous about), so now I have two! I really like them.

I have bit the inside of my lip today more than any human ever should. :sad: The first time, my stupid tooth munched down on it out of nowhere. I didn’t see it coming at all. Then the second time, I was chewing some delicious mango-y Trident gum and (I swear to god my jaws were in the act of opening, not closing) and IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I could have cried. That was probably over six hours ago. And just a moment ago (I had more gum, but I swear that it wasn’t the problem), I bit my goddamned lip AGAIN, IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT! :wtf: It hurts so freakin’ bad now… I went to go bitch about it to Daniel and he (being the caring boyfriend that he is :heartbeat: ) gave me some salt water to swish around with. It appears to be helping; I think the swelling has gone down somewhat. But it still hurts, and I can’t believe I did that three separate times today, all in the exact same spot.

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