October 20, 2004 10:50 pm


Found on babywit.com, only the greatest place ever for baby clothes:

Where are the tee shirts for toddlers saying that Democrats are dumb asses?? That’s what I was looking for. Or perhaps a tee shirt for my toddler that says ‘President Bush…..THEE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!’

You’re site sucks! If John Kerry wins the election (which he won’t because the majority of people that vote for him live off government checks and therefore don’t leave their crack houses to vote), you can kiss good bye your national security….and most of your paycheck too!

[name redacted]

I suggested she read Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins and her response was:

“Try reading any book by Milton Friedman so you can learn about how the economy works.
P.S Are your clothes covered by Medicaid?? I’m sure your buyers want to know……”

Best president ever? For what, effectively turning the rest of the world against us and skyrocketing our debt to unfathomable levels? Deceiving the country? Generally being a snarky assface? WTF?

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