October 19, 2004 6:12 pm

Deep Thoughts

So my project in Concept Development went over well, I think. I have to revise it and go all crazy-creative-like over the week and turn in the revised version next week. I’m running with the idea Daniel gave me to put the guy’s face on a Wheatie’s box. The class seemed to like that one a lot better than what I came up with first, which was him on a billboard like an ad for Nike or something.

I’ll find out tomorrow or the next day if I got that job at [name deleted]. Yay!

I guess over the weekend, this guy my parents used to be good friends with was killed in a hunting accident. His family used to babysit me when I was little and I used to be friends with one of their daughters. I didn’t really ever know him very well, but he and my dad used to go on hunting trips together and they used to work for the same company. I can’t imagine being either his wife or either of his two daughters. How awful that must be.

A while ago, this girl named Holly was killed in a car accident REALLY similar to the one I was in. My parents were friends with her parents for a really long time. So her accident was similar to mine, anyway. And then a few months ago, this kid was accidentally shot and killed by his brother while they were home alone. The kids were in Boy Scouts, which both of my brothers were in, so they knew the kids and my mom knows their parents and stuff. My brothers stay home alone sometimes and my family (well, my dad) was/is big on guns, so they are allowed to use them and stuff. So this kid was shot and killed by his brother. And then now, this guy my parents were friends with got killed in a hunting accident.

Do you see any sort of relationship here? It’s like my family cheats death or something and it just happens to someone else. I very easily could have been killed in my accident, but I wasn’t, and Holly was. My brothers are always messing around with each other and just being dumb, and they’re both in Boy Scouts and are allowed to use guns. And they’re still alive, but that kid got killed. My dad goes hunting a lot, in fact it’s not uncommon for me to find him looking for rifles for sale online, always looking for a new one to add to the collection. And well, he used to go hunting with the guy that passed away. It’s like all of these situations totally could have happened to my family, but for some reason they don’t. I’m really thankful for this, don’t get me wrong, but I just think it’s weird.

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